Literary Lacquers February 2017 Pop Up Swatches & Review

For 2017 Literary Lacquers is switching to a "pop up" format, meaning the shop will be open once a month and the polishes will vary. For February, there will be three new shades (two on the blog today) as well as some returning cremes. Let's check em out!

GlitterDaze January Daze of the Month - Always

GlitterDaze January Daze of the Month 2017
New year means a new theme for GlitterDaze's Daze of the Month! What's the new theme, you ask? Click to read more and find out. I guarantee a LOT of you are going to be excited about this years theme.

Born Pretty Store Colorful Plaid Decals

Long time, no blog about water decals eh? I misplaced my last sample from BPS which was these pretty plaid decals. This is what happens when I finally decide to organize my helmers and the stuff I store nail things in..I lose things!

Zoya Naturel + Lipsticks

Hey guys! It's no secret that I am NOT a fan of neutrals/nude nail polish colors. However, if you like nudes then these will be PERFECT for you! Zoya also sent 3 coordinating lipstick shades as well, so stay tuned at the end for those.

Nail Hoot Birthstone Polishes Part 3

Hey guys! Any of you have a birthday in January, February or March? I have some lovely birthstone polishes from Nail Hoot to share with you all today!

L'Oreal EverPure Volume Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Hey everyone! I recently received this box free from that I'm going to share my thoughts on with you today. Check out my honest thoughts after the jump!

Pandora's Box - February

Happy Monday! I have a new Indie collab box to share with you all today. Pandora's Box was the brainchild of Angela from Athena & Aphrodite polish. Not only does it feature gorgeous indie polishes, but it also includes various indie bath & body and beauty products!

NEW Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure shades

Hey guys! Long time, no blog eh? My life has finally calmed down and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things again. I've gotten SO behind because December was so busy for me. I've struggled to get back into blogging because I know I'm so behind on swatching that it stresses me out, so instead of facing it head on, I just stare at my press samples, shake my head, and play my NES instead lol. It doesn't help that I broke 2 nails in December, and I'm having to use false tips on my nails and I HATE THEM. Anyways..I have 3 new shades from Sally Hansen to share with you all today!