GlitterDaze September Daze of the Month - Invisibility Cloak

Hey everyone! Sorry for getting the DOTM up so late this month. This months is totally different and was a big surprise for me. When I got it, it was a light color. I thought "oh, that's pretty!" then when I went to swatch last night, it was a dark color. I thought I was crazy and never saw it the light color to begin with. Starting applying it and I was like "oh DUH, it's a thermal" lol.

Bad Bitch Polish October Birthstone Duo

Hey guys! Any October birthdays? Bad Bitch Polish releases birthstone duos each month, and I gotta say this one is probably my favorite because it's PINK! Check em out!

Pretty Jelly All That Jazz Collection Fall 2017

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Did any of you attend Polish Con in Chicago? I went to a fall festival on Saturday and it was 90 degrees. Kinda hard to enjoy a fall festival when it's hotter than it was most of the summer! Cmon 70 degree days, I want to wear my hoodies! Anyways, Pretty Jelly released her fall collection inspired by the musical Chicago TODAY. Check em out!

Nail Hoot Flakie Feathered Friends Collection & Haunted Mansion

Brandie, the maker of Nail Hoot, is a lover of birds and has many as pets. I'm honestly surprised it's taken her this long to release a collection inspired by the beautiful colors of birds! I must admit, I am afraid of birds. I know, it seems silly. I tried to conquer my fear several years ago by going to a bird sanctuary and that went horribly. The birds were aggressive and attacking the cage trying to get to my face, and one of the birds bit my husband. But hey..I tried!!

Pretty Jelly Exclusive Polish Con Chicago World's Fair & VIP

Hey guys! I've been experiencing some issues with my laptop this week so I haven't been able to get the posts up that I needed to. Polish Con Chicago is THIS Saturday and Pretty Jelly will be there with an exclusive set of polishes, as well as a VIP polish which I'll show at the end of this post. Check em out!

Bad Bitch Polish The Squashes Stamping Creams Fall 2017

Hey everyone! Fall is *officially* almost here, yay! Bad Bitch Polish is releasing amazing fall collections this year, and I was sent 3 of the stamping creams to share with you all.