May PPU: Nail Hoot Hang Onto Your Diapies, Babies!

Who still watches Rugrats when you catch it on while scrolling through channels? ME. No shame either. I loved Rugrats back in the day, and I still do! Nail Hoot chose Rugrats as their inspiration for their 90's Polish Pickup!

May PPU: Vibrant Vinyls Cuticle Oil & Remover

Hi everyone! Polish Pickup opens up this Friday with the best theme so far...90's! I'm a 90's kid through and through. Even THIS brought back memories for me, which I'll explain after the jump!

GlitterDaze April Daze of the Month - The Prophecy

Who thought there was 31 days in April and thought I had another day to get this post up? ME. Today is the last day to pick up this beauty from GlitterDaze so let's get straight to it!

May PPU: BlackLace Cosmetics Fall From Grace

I am soo excited that May's Polish Pickup theme is 90's! I love all things 90's, especially the music. You will find so many 90's playlists on my phone, rock being my favorite, which is what BLC's polish is inspired by.

BlackLace Cosmetics: Punk Around the Block Trio

Happy FriYay guys! Super yay to those of you that celebrate 4/20 ;) BlackLace Cosmetics is releasing a trio of polishes next week based on PUNK! Heck yes. I was so excited when she asked me to swatch these! Let's check em out!

Zoya Thrive Spring 2018

Now that spring has (kind of) arrived I'll be sharing Zoya's spring 2018 collection with you guys, called Thrive!

Shinespark Polish Radical Flakies Collection

I have some blindingly beautiful polishes to share with you guys today! Summer is fast approaching, and in the nail polish world, that means #neonallthethings. Molly from Shinespark is getting ahead of the game, and releasing her summer collection on April 20th!

Frozen Water Designs Misc. Swatches

Hey everyone! If you like to scour Etsy like I do, you know there's quite a few 'undiscovered' indie nail polishes! Frozen Water Designs is one of those. Along with nail polish she makes soaps, wax, bath fizzies..basically something for everyone! I was sent 4 polishes to share with y'all, so let's get to it.

April PPU: Nail Hoot Pink Nebula

I'm back with more for the April Polish Pickup "Across the Universe." Nail Hoot chose a pretty pink nebula (hence the name) for their inspiration this month, and it does not disappoint!

April PPU: Shinespark Polish Maveth

I have another April Polish Pickup to share with you all today! If you're an Agents of SHIELD fan then this will be right up your alley!

GlitterDaze March Daze of the Month - Loony Loopy Lupin

Happy Friday guys! Any fun plans for the holiday weekend? We do the usual at my house, good food and an Easter egg hunt for the littles. Last year, we had an adult Easter egg hunt but opted out this year. It seems like it ALWAYS rains on Easter here in KY, which makes the hunts muddy and gross, bleh. I have the March DOTM to share today, Saturday is the last day to get it!

April PPU: JReine Cosmetics The Galaxy Rocks

April Polish Pickup is fast approaching! The Facebook group voted for the theme "Across the Universe: Planets & Galaxies" this time around, and from what I've seen so far, it's going to be an AMAZING month. But who am I kidding? They're all amazing. JReine is participating for the first time in April, and lemme tell ya, she knocked it outta the park with this one!

Nail Hoot Fairy Tales Collection

Hey guys! First day of spring, how exciting! Unless you live in Kentucky. We are getting pummeled with snow at the moment. With the way KY is, we will probably skip spring and go straight to 90 degree weather. Being stuck inside means more blog post for you guys though, so I guess that works out lol. Nail Hoot is releasing their first collection of the year based on Fairy Tales!

March PPU: Sweet Heart Polish I Know You're Not Thirsty

Sweet Heart Polish is participating for the first time in Polish Pickup and she picked the perfect book for the March theme: Go the F*ck to Sleep!

GlitterDaze February Daze of the Month - Amortentia

Hey, hey! The end of the month totally creeped up on me! Friggin February with their missing 2-3 days. I updated my blog this week, how do y'all like it? I was growing tired of the other look. I've also created a new watermark, I'm still perfecting it so it should be on my pics by next week! Ah, it's the little things that are exciting about blogging. Today is the last day to get the DOTM so be sure to purchase after you read my post!

March PPU: Nail Hoot Magic Kingdom For Sale

Hey everyone! February is almost over, can y'all believe it?! The end of the month is exciting for fans of Polish Pickup because that means the first weekend of the next month the shop is open! For March, books was finally chosen as the theme!

Sally Hansen Big Polish Guards Cuticle Protectors

Hi everyone! I have something new from Sally Hansen to share with you all today. If you don't like to use a clean up brush, and you have a difficult time keeping the polish on your nails instead of your skin, then you may want to check this out!

Literary Lacquers As You Wish Trio

Hey everyone! I hope y'all had a fantastic Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day! Literary Lacquers has released a trio of polishes inspired by The Princess Bride. I should have had these up before Vday, but I goofed. They're still available though, and one is a limited edition only available in February.

GlitterDaze January Daze of the Month - Expecto Patronum

A new year means a new Daze of the Month theme for GlitterDaze! Everyone loved last years Harry Potter theme so much, that The Witchcraft and Wizardly Collection was voted again for 2018!

Paint it Pretty Polish Flurries of Fun & Brrr! Swatches

Happy Friday everyone! Does anyone else love thermals as much as I do? My first indie purchase was actually a thermal, and it's still transitioning 4 years later! Today I have a couple of gorgeous winter themed thermals from Paint it Pretty Polish to share with you all.

Moonflower Polish One More Light Collection

Hi guys! How's the weather where y'all are? We are in a winter storm warning here in Kentucky which means all the groceries store are running low on bread, milk, and eggs lol. People laugh at how southerners act when it snows but we simply aren't equipped to handle vast amounts of ice and snow here like they are in the north. Things literally shut down! One year we had 14 inches of snow and USPS didn't run for nearly a week because they couldn't get to peoples mailboxes. It's apocalyptic in the south when it snows, not kidding. Anyways! I have a very special collection to share with you guys today, more after the jump!