GlitterDaze January Daze of the Month - Expecto Patronum

A new year means a new Daze of the Month theme for GlitterDaze! Everyone loved last years Harry Potter theme so much, that The Witchcraft and Wizardly Collection was voted again for 2018!

Paint it Pretty Polish Flurries of Fun & Brrr! Swatches

Happy Friday everyone! Does anyone else love thermals as much as I do? My first indie purchase was actually a thermal, and it's still transitioning 4 years later! Today I have a couple of gorgeous winter themed thermals from Paint it Pretty Polish to share with you all.

Moonflower Polish One More Light Collection

Hi guys! How's the weather where y'all are? We are in a winter storm warning here in Kentucky which means all the groceries store are running low on bread, milk, and eggs lol. People laugh at how southerners act when it snows but we simply aren't equipped to handle vast amounts of ice and snow here like they are in the north. Things literally shut down! One year we had 14 inches of snow and USPS didn't run for nearly a week because they couldn't get to peoples mailboxes. It's apocalyptic in the south when it snows, not kidding. Anyways! I have a very special collection to share with you guys today, more after the jump!