Hello, and welcome to my crazy world of nail blogging! I started my venture into nail polish/indies in March of 2014 and decided to take the plunge into blogging in August 2014. I had a blog and ran fan sites back in the day in 2001 and I've always been interested in blogging and design.

When the opportunity arose where I knew I could combine some of my favorite things (nail polish, blogging, design) and people might actually enjoy it, I knew I had to start a nail polish blog!

Aside from nail polish, I love gaming, Hello Kitty, musicals (I'm obsessed with Les Mis) and campy horror movies. I have 4 dogs, a mini dachshund, 2 rambunctious Boston Terriers that constantly keep me on my toes and my newest baby Token, who I adopted from our local shelter. I also have 2 kitties; Buttercup & Bruno..yes, named after Bruno Mars!
(L-R) Luna, Dexter & Bowser
(L-R) Bruno & Buttercup
Me, in cartoon form!

I hope you enjoy your virtual stay here, and don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions or you would like to work with me!