May PPU: Nail Hoot Hang Onto Your Diapies, Babies!

Who still watches Rugrats when you catch it on while scrolling through channels? ME. No shame either. I loved Rugrats back in the day, and I still do! Nail Hoot chose Rugrats as their inspiration for their 90's Polish Pickup!

May PPU: Vibrant Vinyls Cuticle Oil & Remover

Hi everyone! Polish Pickup opens up this Friday with the best theme so far...90's! I'm a 90's kid through and through. Even THIS brought back memories for me, which I'll explain after the jump!

GlitterDaze April Daze of the Month - The Prophecy

Who thought there was 31 days in April and thought I had another day to get this post up? ME. Today is the last day to pick up this beauty from GlitterDaze so let's get straight to it!

May PPU: BlackLace Cosmetics Fall From Grace

I am soo excited that May's Polish Pickup theme is 90's! I love all things 90's, especially the music. You will find so many 90's playlists on my phone, rock being my favorite, which is what BLC's polish is inspired by.

BlackLace Cosmetics: Punk Around the Block Trio

Happy FriYay guys! Super yay to those of you that celebrate 4/20 ;) BlackLace Cosmetics is releasing a trio of polishes next week based on PUNK! Heck yes. I was so excited when she asked me to swatch these! Let's check em out!