Nail Hoot NOLA Quartet

Hey everyone! I have an exciting quartet from Nail Hoot to share with you all today. What's so exciting you ask, well, keep reading and find out!

GlitterDaze August Daze of the Month - Rhodonite

Long time, no post! It's almost fall, ya'll! That means more warm nail polish colors are coming. Augusts DOTM is a pretty muted color that can be worn for many occasions!

August Polish Pickup Ft. Fair Maiden & Nail Hoot

Carnivals were my jam when I was younger. Today though, you can't make me get on a ride. The last thing I rode a decade ago was the pirate ship, anddddd I got sick and had a panic attack. I still go to local carnivals and fairs mainly for the food though. It's not a Kentucky summer unless it's filled with saturated fats and sugars! I have 2 pretties to share with ya'll today, so let's get right to it. 

GlitterDaze June Daze of the Month - Carnelian

The end of June already?! Where is the year going? Pretty soon we are going to be celebrating Christmas again. Insanity. Carnelian is a stone that is used for stimulating creativity and restoring vitality and motivation. I could really use that stone for motivation right about now.

Lemming Lacquer Magnetic Galaxy Trio

Hey everyone! Summer has finally arrived here in Kentucky. It has rained nearly every day for a month, and this week it has been too hot to exist. I'm stuck inside until shade goes over my pool, so figured I'd get some blog posts done! I have some magnetic toppers to share with ya'll today.