GlitterDaze September Daze of the Month - Dark Mark

Hi guys! Every villain needs an army of minions to feed their ego, and the DOTM for September is inspired by Voldemort's minions, the Death Eaters!

Static Lacquer The Munsters Trio

Static Lacquer is releasing TWO Halloween inspired trios this Friday. I hope you checked out my Sanderson Sisters trio, if you haven't, be sure to look here! Anyone else watch reruns of the classic Munsters show growing up? Do you know how many years it took me to realize Herman Munster is the neighbor in Pet Sematary? This trio is exclusive to The Polish Nook and will only be found on their website

Static Lacquer The Sanderson Sister Trio

Heeeeey guys! Halloween is fast approaching, so you know what that means. Hocus Pocus will be on TV a billion times and I am not complaining! To celebrate the best Halloween movie ever, Static Lacquer is releasing a trio inspired by the movie. Check em out!

September Indie Pickup: Bluebird Lacquer Bird Wax Tart

Indie Pickup opens tomorrow for pre order! If you're familiar with Polish Pickup, it's the same concept except instead of nail polish, IPU will be featuring other handmade products like wax, jewelry, soaps, etc. Bluebird's item this month is a wax bird!

Leesha's Lacquer Fall Prugly Collection

I can't believe summer is already over! No more pool, no more heat, no more sweating. Hey..I'm glad it's over tbh. I love fall, if we actually get one here in Kentucky. Usually it's 80 degrees, chilly fall weather for a week, and then BAM, snow. Leesha's Lacquer is releasing the perfect collection for your fall manis!

Leesha's Lacquer Polish Con Exclusive: Yeah, Sure, You Betcha!

Hey everyone! Who is attending Polish Con this weekend in Minneapolis? I really wish I could have gone, MN isn't *too* far away, but I have 2 out of town concerts and one Nashville trip next month that I have to save for. BOO! Leesha's Lacquer is from Minnesota so OF COURSE she's going to be attending! This is exclusive to PC and very few are available, so hopefully if you're going you can get your hands on it!

Leesha's Lacquer September OOAK: Beetle Juice

Haaaaay! It's time for another edition of Leesha's Lacquer one of a kind polish for the month of September! Let's just skip right on to the pics, shall we?

September Polish Pickup: BlackLace Cosmetics, Bluebird Lacquer, Leesha's Lacquer, Nail Hoot & Northern Star

Squeeeeeeee!!!! That's the sound I made when I found out horror movies won for the month of September on Polish Pickup. I have been obsessed with horror movies since Childs Play, and I probably watched movies that a child shouldn't have been watching at such a young age, but I had a lot of older cousins and I wanted to be just like them. I remember watching Childs Play with them all in my cousins basement, and afterwards they said they would get me a Chucky doll for Christmas and I ran up the stairs crying to my mother LOL. I received 5 for review this month, so I thought I'd make it easier on everyone to just combine them all in one place! Let's get started...