September Polish Pickup: BlackLace Cosmetics, Bluebird Lacquer, Leesha's Lacquer, Nail Hoot & Northern Star

Squeeeeeeee!!!! That's the sound I made when I found out horror movies won for the month of September on Polish Pickup. I have been obsessed with horror movies since Childs Play, and I probably watched movies that a child shouldn't have been watching at such a young age, but I had a lot of older cousins and I wanted to be just like them. I remember watching Childs Play with them all in my cousins basement, and afterwards they said they would get me a Chucky doll for Christmas and I ran up the stairs crying to my mother LOL. I received 5 for review this month, so I thought I'd make it easier on everyone to just combine them all in one place! Let's get started...

BlackLace Cosmetics - Time to Take Your Medicine
Inspiration: Dr. Giggles
Description: A seafoam green to teal with copper flakes, shimmer and glitter
Application/Formula/Thoughts: Formula is on the thicker side, but easily manageable. Application was easy and smooth.
Opacity: 1 coat
Price: $11.50
Cap: 75

Bluebird Lacquer - Polly Want a Carcass
Inspiration: The Birds

Side note: I'm terrified of birds, because of this movie!
Description: An olive green to black thermal packed with red-gold-orange-green ultrachrome flakies and faux unicorn pee
Application/Formula/Thoughts: Good formula, easy and smooth application. Transitioned well, even on my now short nails! It turns the darker greenish black when cold, and olive green when warm.
Opacity: 2 coats
Price: $12
Cap: 200

Leesha's Lacquer - Alien Blood
Inspiration: Alien
Description: A black based jelly with gold and green shimmers and small neon green hexes.
Application/Formula/Thoughts: Good formula, easy and smooth application. No issues!
Opacity: 2 coats
Price: $11
Cap: None

Nail Hoot - Deep in the Mist
 Inspiration: The Shrine
Description: A warm grey with green and pink shimmer and small gold holographic glitters.
Application/Formula/Thoughts: Perfect formula, and easy application! This is Nail Hoot's first grey and I think she knocked it outta the park!
Opacity: 2 thick (shown) or 3 thin coats
Price: $8.49
Cap: None

Northern Star - Together Forever
Inspiration: Ginger of my all time favorite trilogies!
Description: A chestnut brown with metallic flakes shifting to orange/red/pink, rose gold micro flakes and copper/pink shifting shimmer.
Application/Formula/Thoughts: Thicker formula, but easily manageable. Flakes tend to drag to the edge of the nail, so be sure to brush the free edge to make those pretty flakes get in position!
Opacity: 2 coats
Price: $11
Cap: 80 opens September 7th 11am eastern until September 10th 11:59 pm eastern!

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