September Indie Pickup: Bluebird Lacquer Bird Wax Tart

Indie Pickup opens tomorrow for pre order! If you're familiar with Polish Pickup, it's the same concept except instead of nail polish, IPU will be featuring other handmade products like wax, jewelry, soaps, etc. Bluebird's item this month is a wax bird!

The theme for IPU this month is horror movies. Can you guess which horror movie Bluebird chose as their inspiration? Alfred Hitchcock's The of my all time least favorite horror films because I'm terrified of birds LOL. Bluebird asked me to review her September PPU & IPU before she realized I was afraid of birds, and got a nice chuckle when she saw me discussing my dislike for birds in a Facebook group. I figure it only natural that I cut off the head to melt, plus the giant knife pairs perfectly with the horror theme.
This is described as a floral blend with accents of dirt. Yes..dirt. Color me shocked there's a dirt scent for wax! To me, it just smelled really clean. Almost like a mens cologne. The scent throw was great for the room and I left it melting until around 8pm. So about 12 solid hours of scent throw. Possibly could have been more, but I was ready for another scent. I'm the same way with wax as I am with polish..I must change it all the time! opens tomorrow, September 21st until Monday at 11:59pm eastern. This is a pre order, meaning it will take up to 3 weeks to recieve your order. This wax tart is $4.50 and am unaware if there is a cap, but I don't think there is!

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