May Polish Pickup Ft. Fat Cat Pawlished, Nail Hoot & Static Lacquer

Haaaaaay! PPU opens up THIS Friday, with the colorful theme of 1980's! I don't consider myself an "80's baby" because I was born in 1984 and didn't get to enjoy much 80's pop culture at the time, or I just don't remember it.  80's music today though? Yes, please! Let's get started 

Literary Lacquers A Court of Feels and Sparkle Collection

Literary Lacquers is BACK, FINALLY! After an extended hiatus, she's right back in the game with a gorgeous 7 piece collection inspired by the Sarah J. Maas series, A Court of Thorns and Roses. You may be wondering why there is 8 in the collage, and that's because if you spend $50 you will get a limited edition polish for FREE! Lots of pics, so let's get started!

Nail Hoot Spring Break Collection

Hi everyone! Spring is finally here, much to the dismay of allergy sufferers. Nail Hoot has released a gorgeous collection to celebrate winters end, let's check em out!

April Polish Pickup Ft. Blacklace Cosmetics, Fat Cat Pawlished, Nail Hoot & Static Lacquer

Hey guys! By the time this goes live, I'll probably be on my way to New Orleans for Polish Con on April 6th! This will be my first con, and I'll be working the Polish Pickup booth with my friend. Be sure to stop by and say hi! Let's jump into the stuff I got for April's PPU.