April Polish Pickup Ft. Blacklace Cosmetics, Fat Cat Pawlished, Nail Hoot & Static Lacquer

Hey guys! By the time this goes live, I'll probably be on my way to New Orleans for Polish Con on April 6th! This will be my first con, and I'll be working the Polish Pickup booth with my friend. Be sure to stop by and say hi! Let's jump into the stuff I got for April's PPU.
Blacklace Cosmetics - Fuschia Sunrise
A one coat fuschia pink with hidden blue shimmer
$11.50, 75 available
Beautiful shade, formula applied like butter. This is definitely a one coater, but I prefer 2 cuz you can never have too much shimmer, right?
Fat Cat Pawlished Presents: Raise An Eyebrow Room/Linen Refresher Spray
Raise an Eyebrow is an ode to Frida Kahlo. Outdrinking men in tequila contests, flowers in her hair, and a cigarette in her hand- all these combined bring notes of tequila con limon, florals of marigold, artistic greenery, and ultimate badassery with a twist of tobacco. This is a multi-purpose spray where you can use as both a room and linen spray but becomes a triple threat with the use as a body mist!
$6, 30 available
Before reading the description of this, I asked my mom and husband what they thought it smelled like. After much debate, my mom settled with "cherries." My husband said liquor and cheese LOL. I'm really not sure where he got cheese from, I think his sniffer may be broken. The tequila was the strongest note for me. This will more than likely be staying in my bathroom, because the scent is powerful lol
Nail Hoot - Autumn Landscape
 A stunningly hot orange splattered with contrasting microflakies and aurora shimmer. 
Inspiration: Autumn Landscape Tiffany Window at NYC Metropolitan Art Museum
$9.50, no cap
Brandie is KILLING IT with her PPU polishes! This orange is friggin gorgeous..there's really no other way to put it. I'm rarely attracted to orange, but this is just..perfect. Great formula, flawless application. I can only imagine how stunning this will be in the sunlight. 2 easy coats with top coat.
 Static Lacquer - Goodnight Lava
A clear based flakie topper with a mix of ucc flakes and holo flakes.
$12, 75 available
This is a gorgeous topper that can be used over any creme. Since discovering indies, cremes just don't do it for me. They have to be a base for something! I put this over Static's blue polish from her primary collection and I'm still wearing this a week later! I did 2 coats because I wanted those flakies to pop on my nails.
 Polishpickup.com opens Friday, April 5th until Monday, April 8th!

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