Literary Lacquers A Court of Feels and Sparkle Collection

Literary Lacquers is BACK, FINALLY! After an extended hiatus, she's right back in the game with a gorgeous 7 piece collection inspired by the Sarah J. Maas series, A Court of Thorns and Roses. You may be wondering why there is 8 in the collage, and that's because if you spend $50 you will get a limited edition polish for FREE! Lots of pics, so let's get started!

Aqua opal loaded with blue, green, and white opalescent flakies and microglitter.
This formula gave me a bit of trouble. It was thick, and made application slightly clumpy. But hey, that's what a good top coat is for! 2 coats. 
 Autumn Fire
Deep coppery red holo with microglitter
Good formula and application, no issues to report! 2 coats.
Court of Dreams
Black base with holo microflakes, silver flakes, and shimmer that shifts from blue through indigo to violet
Super unique polish! I love that's it's a black base with a flash of blue. Good formula and application. 2 coats.
Bright white gold metallic with a subtle green iridescence
Not a typical shade I'd go for, but it's so pretty! I could see wearing this to a wedding. It's subtle enough that you can get by wearing it at a job that hates on pretty nail polish lol. 2 coats.
 High Lady of Winter
Soft grey holo with white, silver, and blue flakies
This is the only one of the collection that required more than 2 coats, and it's also my favorite of the bunch! Good formula and application. 3 coats.
 Sunstone Palace 
Delicate metallic that shifts from copper to rose
Metallics are totally not my thing at all, I just can't get into them! I know lots love them though, so if you're a fan, then you'll need this one! Good formula and application. 2 coats.
 Veiled in Roses
Rosy pink packed with holographic and opalescent microglitter 
I love a good bubblegum pink! Good formula and application. 2 coats.
Free with $50 purchase
Deep navy holo with microglitter and opalescent green flakes
So beautiful and sparkly! Flawless formula and application. I did 2 coats, but some may need 3!
Set is available for $70. On sale until 5/1/19, 25% off all older collections, Receive Starfall Limited Edition polish as a free gift with $50 pre-shipping purchase!

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