Nail Hoot NOLA Quartet

Hey everyone! I have an exciting quartet from Nail Hoot to share with you all today. What's so exciting you ask, well, keep reading and find out!

GlitterDaze August Daze of the Month - Rhodonite

Long time, no post! It's almost fall, ya'll! That means more warm nail polish colors are coming. Augusts DOTM is a pretty muted color that can be worn for many occasions!

August Polish Pickup Ft. Fair Maiden & Nail Hoot

Carnivals were my jam when I was younger. Today though, you can't make me get on a ride. The last thing I rode a decade ago was the pirate ship, anddddd I got sick and had a panic attack. I still go to local carnivals and fairs mainly for the food though. It's not a Kentucky summer unless it's filled with saturated fats and sugars! I have 2 pretties to share with ya'll today, so let's get right to it. 

GlitterDaze June Daze of the Month - Carnelian

The end of June already?! Where is the year going? Pretty soon we are going to be celebrating Christmas again. Insanity. Carnelian is a stone that is used for stimulating creativity and restoring vitality and motivation. I could really use that stone for motivation right about now.

Lemming Lacquer Magnetic Galaxy Trio

Hey everyone! Summer has finally arrived here in Kentucky. It has rained nearly every day for a month, and this week it has been too hot to exist. I'm stuck inside until shade goes over my pool, so figured I'd get some blog posts done! I have some magnetic toppers to share with ya'll today.

June Polish Pickup Ft. Literary Lacquers, Luna Wax & Nail Hoot

I gotta admit, I was skeptical when Weather won as the theme for June, and I wasn't really looking forward to it. HOWEVER, makers have knocked it way outta the park this month with their inspirations (some very unique ones I've never heard of!) and their creations. I have 3 of those to share with you today!

GlitterDaze May Daze of the Month - Blue Apatite

Hey everyone! May's DOTM takes inspiration from Blue Apatite aka stone of manifestation, and is known to help achieve professional goals and build personal power. Let's check it out!

Static Lacquer Spring Blossom Collection

Hey everyone! Tomorrow, Static Lacquer is releasing a pretty 6 piece collection inspired by flowers of spring! Kentucky has skipped spring again this year, we have gone straight to 85+ degrees this week and I am already missing cooler weather. Buttttt it's never too warm to enjoy some pastels on your nails!

May Polish Pickup Ft. Fat Cat Pawlished, Nail Hoot & Static Lacquer

Haaaaaay! PPU opens up THIS Friday, with the colorful theme of 1980's! I don't consider myself an "80's baby" because I was born in 1984 and didn't get to enjoy much 80's pop culture at the time, or I just don't remember it.  80's music today though? Yes, please! Let's get started 

Literary Lacquers A Court of Feels and Sparkle Collection

Literary Lacquers is BACK, FINALLY! After an extended hiatus, she's right back in the game with a gorgeous 7 piece collection inspired by the Sarah J. Maas series, A Court of Thorns and Roses. You may be wondering why there is 8 in the collage, and that's because if you spend $50 you will get a limited edition polish for FREE! Lots of pics, so let's get started!

Nail Hoot Spring Break Collection

Hi everyone! Spring is finally here, much to the dismay of allergy sufferers. Nail Hoot has released a gorgeous collection to celebrate winters end, let's check em out!

April Polish Pickup Ft. Blacklace Cosmetics, Fat Cat Pawlished, Nail Hoot & Static Lacquer

Hey guys! By the time this goes live, I'll probably be on my way to New Orleans for Polish Con on April 6th! This will be my first con, and I'll be working the Polish Pickup booth with my friend. Be sure to stop by and say hi! Let's jump into the stuff I got for April's PPU.

GlitterDaze March Daze of the Month - Amethyst

Happy Sunday everyone! T-minus 3 days until my bff and I head to New Orleans for Polish Con. I AM SO EXCIIIIIIITED. However I am not excited about all the things I have to get done before I leave lol. In the meantime, I'll share the March DOTM with ya'll!

Static Lacquer Primary Collection

Happy Friday everyone! Static Lacquer is releasing a set of "primary colors" today. This is part one of the color wheel collection. This is part of their core collection and will always be available for purchase. They are also releasing some new products, keep reading to find out what they are! 

GlitterDaze February Daze of the Month - Fluorite

Hi everyone! February is such a short month, I almost didn't get this up in time! Continuing with the crystal & gemstones theme, this pretty purple is called Fluorite!

March Polish Pickup Ft. Nail Hoot & Static Lacquer

Hi everyone! The theme for March Pickup has been one I've wanted for a LONG time...ALBUM COVERS! This is one month where I wish I was a maker! So many options...

February Pickup Ft. MTK Design, Nail Hoot, Northern Star & Static Lacquer

Heeeeey everyone! The theme for February Polish/Indie Pickup is Duos & Pairs. Each brand could pair up with another brand and have a theme like 'peanut butter & jelly' or they could pair with themselves, and list the other half of their duo in their own shop. I have 4 polishes and 1 indie pickup product to share with you all today!

GlitterDaze January Daze of the Month - Rose Quartz

New year means new Daze of the Month theme! Can ya guess what this years theme is based on the polish name for this month?

California Lovin' Indies Duo ft. Static Lacquer & Necessary Evil Polish

The first quarter of the year means it's time for another California Lovin' Indies box! This month features Static Lacquer with Necessary Evil Polish. This quarters box is inspired by a phenomenon that's happens in Yosemite National Park around the first week of February. When the sun rises that week, Horsetail Falls looks like it's catching on fire. It's beautiful!

January Polish Pickup Ft. BlackLace Cosmetics, Nail Hoot & Static Lacquer

Happy New Year everyone! 2019 is sure to be another great year for PPU, and there's some exciting changes. Polish Pickup and Indie Pickup will all be on one site, AND there's a special site for those in the UK to help cut down on shipping costs! Mythology was the chosen theme for the first month of the new year, and I have 3 to share with you all today!