March Polish Pickup Ft. Nail Hoot & Static Lacquer

Hi everyone! The theme for March Pickup has been one I've wanted for a LONG time...ALBUM COVERS! This is one month where I wish I was a maker! So many options...

Nail Hoot - Pieces of You
A Caribbean blue polish filled to the brim with iridescent color changing flakies and purple sparkle.
Inspiration: Jewel - Pieces of You
$9.50, no cap
This polish brought me back to my teenage years. I would sway around my room singing along to Who Will Save Your Soul? and You Were Meant For Me pretending I was in a sad music video lol. Foolish Games remains one of my all time favorite songs to this day.
Nail Hoot captured the color of the album cover perfectly. I will say though, this was a hard shade to photograph. On my laptop, it's color accurate. On my phone, it's more bright! I love blues the most, but ugh photographing them is a pain sometimes! The formula is a bit sheer, so you will need 3 coats to build this up to opacity. 
Static Lacquer - On Letting Go

A stormy blue with teal shimmer, holographic flakes and magenta to green ultra chameleon chrome flakes.
Inspiration: Circa Survive - On Letting Go

$12, cap of 100 US, 10 UK site
I was unfamiliar with this band/album so I listened to a few songs, and I dig it! This is a gorgeous shade of blue, and the formula was perfect! My swatches show 2 coats. 
The Pickup opens this Friday at 11am eastern until Monday at 11:59pm eastern. Be sure to add these beautiful blues to your wishlists now! 

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