GlitterDaze February Daze of the Month - Amortentia

Hey, hey! The end of the month totally creeped up on me! Friggin February with their missing 2-3 days. I updated my blog this week, how do y'all like it? I was growing tired of the other look. I've also created a new watermark, I'm still perfecting it so it should be on my pics by next week! Ah, it's the little things that are exciting about blogging. Today is the last day to get the DOTM so be sure to purchase after you read my post!

March PPU: Nail Hoot Magic Kingdom For Sale

Hey everyone! February is almost over, can y'all believe it?! The end of the month is exciting for fans of Polish Pickup because that means the first weekend of the next month the shop is open! For March, books was finally chosen as the theme!

Sally Hansen Big Polish Guards Cuticle Protectors

Hi everyone! I have something new from Sally Hansen to share with you all today. If you don't like to use a clean up brush, and you have a difficult time keeping the polish on your nails instead of your skin, then you may want to check this out!

Literary Lacquers As You Wish Trio

Hey everyone! I hope y'all had a fantastic Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day! Literary Lacquers has released a trio of polishes inspired by The Princess Bride. I should have had these up before Vday, but I goofed. They're still available though, and one is a limited edition only available in February.