Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment

Hi lovelies! Sally Hansen has a 7-in-1 nail heard right, SEVEN! Are your nails dry, dull, peeling? Do they have ridges? This treats all that and more!

From Sally Hansen: "Whether your nail problem is dryness, ridges, dullness, breakage, peeling, or all of the above, Sally Hansen presents the solution: new Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment. This product helps restore dry, brittle nails making them visibly healthier and beautiful. After just 3 days, nails look shinier, stronger, mega-moisturized and brighter with ridges filled. The exclusive patented formula, with Avocado Oil, Sea Salt, Pomegranate Extract and Calcium, immediately protects and continuously nourishes nails, helping create the perfect foundation for any manicure. The product features a new brush for an even application and dries quickly to a smooth, hard finish.This versatile treatment can be used alone or with your favorite Sally Hansen nail color when applied as a base coat or as a protective top coat. To wear it alone, simply apply two coats to clean, dry, bare nails. Use it to refresh a manicure by brushing on one thin coat to nails. It goes on smoothly and evenly, for a streak-free application."
I like that this doesn't have the wide, flat brush like I was expecting. Applies nicely, doesn't have an overpowering smell. I applied one coat as a base before doing some nail art. Base took 5+ minutes to dry. I also decided to live on the wild side and used this as a top coat to see if it would smear water decals from KBShimmer. IT DIDN'T.
I wore this mani for 3 days with minimal tip wear and chipping. However, I would not recommend this as a top coat as it made my polish dull looking and not smooth and shiny like I'm used to with quick dry top coats. My nails did look nice after removing the polish! If you don't want to use this with polish, take a few days off from painting your nails and use this to treat them.

You can pick this up for yourself anywhere Sally Hansen is sold for $12.99.

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