Nail fails

We all have them, most are too embarrassed to show them. Well, I've decided every nail fail that I have, I will be taking pics and posting them on here.

When I started my adventures into nail art 5 months ago I was totally clueless. I relentlessly searched Pinterest, Tumblr, and nail blogs looking for easy nail art to do. It always looks easy in the pictures! File these under: WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

Tutorial: Rhinestone Stripe Mani

Today I will show you a tutorial for another favorite mani, using striping tape and rhinestones! 
purple and blue nail polish with glitter nail polish and rhinestones

Tutorial: Rainbow gradient

Oh my gosh, first post! I've been wanting to start a nail blog for a few months, but debated with myself because there's already soo many. But yanno what, why not?!

Today I will show you one of my favorite manis ever: the rainbow gradient!
rainbow gradient nail art