Tutorial: Rhinestone Stripe Mani

Today I will show you a tutorial for another favorite mani, using striping tape and rhinestones! 
purple and blue nail polish with glitter nail polish and rhinestones
Level of difficulty: Medium. Striping tape can be difficult.
Approximate hours to complete: 2

Before you start: Cut off 20 strips of striping tape, and stick it on the edge of the table you're using to do your manicure. Get out 10 rhinestones and try to get them FACE UP, so it's easier to pick up later. This is my rhinestone picker upper: 

Supplies needed: Striping tape, rhinestones, clean up supplies
Optional supplies: Scotch tape, tweezers, paint brush

L-R: ORLY Bonder, China Glaze Liquid Crystal, Sinful Colors Jolt, Sinful Colors Pink Poppys, HK Girl top coat.

Step by Step:
1. Apply base coat.
2. Apply 2 coats of a glitter polish. I highly recommend Liquid Crystal.
china glaze liquid crystal nail polish

3. Optional, I add scotch tape around my nail for easier clean up.
china glaze liquid crystal nail polish

4. Apply 2 strips of the striping tape. TIP: Remember which one you placed last, because it will be the one you need to remove first.

china glaze liquid crystal nail polish

5. Apply 1-2 coats of polish. Get as close to the tape line without going over it if you're using more than one polish! You can opt to use a paintbrush here instead, as sometimes polish brushes are difficult for tiny spaces.

china glaze liquid crystal nail polish with nail art

6. Remove the last strip you added FIRST. Remove second strip. Do this immediately per finger, do not wait for polish to dry or the strips will pull polish up. You can also remove tape around nail here. You can do this with tweezers if you wish.

china glaze liquid crystal nail polish with nail art

7. Clean up around your nails with a brush and acetone.
8. Apply top coat PER NAIL, because...
9. Apply rhinestone to middle of nail, before the top coat dries. You can opt to use nail glue here instead.
10. Apply one more coat of top coat. 

Here is the collage of the step by step. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments, or email me at: mannasmanis@gmail.com 

step by step nail art

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