Nail fails

We all have them, most are too embarrassed to show them. Well, I've decided every nail fail that I have, I will be taking pics and posting them on here.

When I started my adventures into nail art 5 months ago I was totally clueless. I relentlessly searched Pinterest, Tumblr, and nail blogs looking for easy nail art to do. It always looks easy in the pictures! File these under: WHAT WAS I THINKING?!
nail art faile
My first adventures with striping tape. I'm stubborn, and I don't like to watch tutorials or read if I think I can accomplish it on my own. I thought it was a good idea to try to tape ALL of the strips of tape off at one time, not one by one. Big mistake. Bad color combo, I hadn't discovered HK girl top coat yet so it smeared..just bad!! I also hadn't discovered clean up yet.

nail art fail
You know when you picture something in your head and it's like "wow, I bet that would look great!" That's what happened here. I don't think yellow and red should ever go together unless it's on a hot dog.

Both of these were done in March, and I think I've come a LONG way since then. It's been nice finding out I really DO have an artistic bone in my body, even if it's just for my nails, I'm proud!


  1. Lol. I show my nail fails too. Even made a hashtag for instagram called #liquidbloopers PLEASE feel free to use it if you evet post nail fails

    1. Liquidbloopers almost sounds like something inappropriate may pop up lol!

  2. Lol.not at all. Try it and see. ����

  3. I love the top picture! i have narcolepsy and unfortunately I wake up and find my nails looking like that way too often, lol Thank goodness for good clean up brushes!!