Tutorial: Rainbow gradient

Oh my gosh, first post! I've been wanting to start a nail blog for a few months, but debated with myself because there's already soo many. But yanno what, why not?!

Today I will show you one of my favorite manis ever: the rainbow gradient!
rainbow gradient nail art
Level of difficulty: LOW

Supplies needed: Scotch tape (optional), make up sponge, dappen dish, acetone, clean up brush.

L-R: China Glaze Spontaneous, Zoya Robyn, Sinful Colors Chick Chick, China Glaze Make an Entrance.

Step by step:

1. Apply basecoat of your choice. I use ORLY bonder.
2. Apply 1-2 coats of white polish. I used Sinful Colors Snow me White.
3. This step is OPTIONAL. I wrap tape around my nails because I like easy clean up!
4. Using a make up sponge, apply a thin strip of purple polish at the top of sponge. Next add a thicker strip of blue polish under the purple. Next add a thick strip of yellow and be sure to add half the yellow on the blue to make the green. Last add the pink, some can overlap onto the yellow and it makes orange.

rainbow gradient nail art

5. Holding the sponge, be sure the purple is at the base of your nail. Starting on the SIDE of nail, press sponge firmly onto and across the nail. You may need to repeat this step 2-4 times, depending on the polishes you're using, and the opacity that you want. You will need to repeat step 4 each time. Try to line it up perfectly.

rainbow gradient nail art
rainbow gradient nail art

6. Apply glitter polish of your choice. I used China Glaze Fairy Dust. If you're using tape, take it off during this step, or the next step, it's up to you! Tip: Tweezers make it easier!
rainbow gradient nail art with china glaze fairy dust
7. Clean up the mess around your cuticles
8. Apply top coat of your choice. I used HK girl.
9. ..and you're done!
rainbow gradient nail art with china glaze fairy dust
Here is a handy step by step pic collage for you. 
step by step guide for rainbow gradient nail art

I hope my tutorial has helped! If you have any questions email me at mannasmanis@gmail.com


  1. It seems very easy ill try it but idk that I have faith. Thanks it looks beautiful!

  2. Love it! Amazing idea:) May i try to recreate it one day?:)

    1. Do it, it's so easy! Of all my manis Ive done, I've had the most compliments on these.