GlitterDaze May Daze of the Month - Time Turner

Hey guys! Can you believe summer is already here? In Kentucky we skipped spring and went from 40 degrees to 90 degrees in one week it seems. I only like the summer for one thing..swimming. I have a new pool this year that I can't wait to lounge around in all day! Otherwise, I stay inside so I don't melt lol. The May DOTM is a gorgeous purple that you don't wanna miss out on!

Polish Pickup June 2018 Video Games Pt. 2 E-Le

Heeeey everyone! I'm back with the final June polishes I received from Polish Pickup for the month of June. How big is your wishlist so far this month? Let's see if you can add a few more to it with brands E-Le!

Polish Pickup June 2018 Video Games Pt. 1 A-D

It's Polish Pickup time again! Way back in the day, May 2017, I was the first blogger of the month for PPU. I think I swatched 19 polishes then, and I thought that was a lot of work! PPU has grown extensively since, and for a while they used only one designated blogger. It was becoming too much, so now each month there will be 2 bloggers that split the workload. My PPU partner for June was xoxo, Jen, so be sure to check out her blog to see the other polishes offered for June! Now...on to the swatches.

May PPU: Nail Hoot Hang Onto Your Diapies, Babies!

Who still watches Rugrats when you catch it on while scrolling through channels? ME. No shame either. I loved Rugrats back in the day, and I still do! Nail Hoot chose Rugrats as their inspiration for their 90's Polish Pickup!

May PPU: Vibrant Vinyls Cuticle Oil & Remover

Hi everyone! Polish Pickup opens up this Friday with the best theme so far...90's! I'm a 90's kid through and through. Even THIS brought back memories for me, which I'll explain after the jump!