May PPU: Vibrant Vinyls Cuticle Oil & Remover

Hi everyone! Polish Pickup opens up this Friday with the best theme so far...90's! I'm a 90's kid through and through. Even THIS brought back memories for me, which I'll explain after the jump!

Do you all remember these bracelets? It comes with the cuticle set!
To you, I'm sure this seems like a silly neon bracelet, but to me, it was my childhood! I SQUEALED when I opened my package and noticed I got this color! I had this EXACT color, and my bff Vicki also wore one. I told Vicki I had something to show her from one of my swatch packages, and she also squealed with excitement! I don't even remember where we got them in middle school, maybe a gumball machine or a carnival. What I do remember, is I wore this bracelet until there wasn't much left of it. I never removed it, I had a tanline EVERY summer lol. I actually still have this bracelet along with all my other 90's bracelets and ball necklaces in a ziplock bag in my childhood bedroom. I was going to find pics of me wearing it back in the day, but I'm sick now and I don't have the energy to look through my closet for the pics. ANYWAYS...sorry..on to the real review!

Vibrant Vinyls continued to make me go down memory lane with this Nirvana inspired Cuticle Remover & Cuticle Oil Set in the scent "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It's a delicious scent of Fruit Loops cereal with hints of Surge citrus soda & Strawberry pop tarts. Here's my before:
Don't adjust your eyes, I chose to show my cindy hand because's horrible and my cuticles are a shame on my right hand! Squeezing the cuticle remover out was a bit difficult for me, I think I got more on my table than on my fingers. BUT, it WORKED! I was amazed as I wiped away the dead skin from my nails after letting it sit for one minute. I washed my hands and then applied the cuticle oil and this was the end result:
Not bad eh? You can pick this set up for $12 on starting Friday, May 4th. There is a cap of 250!

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