Polish Pickup June 2018 Video Games Pt. 1 A-D

It's Polish Pickup time again! Way back in the day, May 2017, I was the first blogger of the month for PPU. I think I swatched 19 polishes then, and I thought that was a lot of work! PPU has grown extensively since, and for a while they used only one designated blogger. It was becoming too much, so now each month there will be 2 bloggers that split the workload. My PPU partner for June was xoxo, Jen, so be sure to check out her blog to see the other polishes offered for June! Now...on to the swatches.

I was beyond excited that video games was chosen for June! I've been a gamer since I was around 5 years old, and I always call it my "first love" with nail polish being second lol. Soo...this was PERFECT for me!! There's a lot of pics, so I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet. If it's a game I like, I may babble a bit though!

Notes: All photos taken indoors with artificial lighting unless otherwise stated. I use Nail Hoot Super Talon Swatch & Peel off base coat, and Cuticula's Rock Candy top coat.

6 Harts -Into the Cave 
Inspiration: Hunt the Wumpus
Description: Pale metallic grey with subtle flakies and holo particles
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Great formula! This could almost be pulled off in one coat, but it was still slightly streaky. Shown below is 2 coats. 
Price: $10
Cap: No cap
Alter Ego - Vegas Gift Giver
Inspiration: My Vegas
Description: Red base with holo red microglitters
Formula/Application/Thoughts: No issues with application. Because of the excess of glitter, this one does dry slightly gritty. Not a big deal if you have a good top coat! Smooths out perfectly. Shown below is 3 coats.
Price: $8
Cap: No cap
Anchor & Heart Lacquer - Timon & Pumbaa Are Buggin
Inspiration: Super Nintendo The Lion King
Description: Smokey plum purple holo with green aurora pigment and a sprinkling of metallic turquoise micro flakies
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula and easy application. That purple! No issues to report. Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $13
Cap: 300
 B Polished - It hurts like tacos
Inspiration: Crash Bandicoot
Description: a bright orange jelly with copper shimmer, green/teal aurora pigment and color shifting flakes.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula and application. The color shifting flakies really make this one gorgeous, and I'm not usually an orange fan! Shoutout to Francine of B Polished, she also sent a Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop with this polish! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $12
Cap: 200
Baby Girl Lacquer - Evolution Of Love
Inspiration: Sylveon from Pokemon
Description: A soft, white crelly base with iridescent blue and pink flakies, blue and pink micro flakies, as well as blue and pink accent glitters.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Formula is on the sheer side. Dries matte. Still wasn't satisfied with the opaqueness at 3 coats, so shown below is 4 coats.
Price: $10.50
Cap: No cap
Bee's Knees Lacquer - Would You Kindly 
Description: A golden red with red and orange aurora shimmer, some orange to gold iridescent flakes, and a surprise yellow gold magnetic shimmer
Formula/Application/Thoughts: No issues with formula or application. Applies smoothly and evenly. I was worried about this bottle shape because I'm clumsy, but I really love it! Brush on this is amazing. Shown below is 2 coats with no magnetic.
Price: $12
Cap: No cap
BlackLace Cosmetics - Jenova  
Inspiration: Final Fantasy 7
Description: a greyed out blue with teal shimmer
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Great formula and application, applies smoothly and evenly. I adore greyed out blues, and that flash of teal shimmer is perfection! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $11.50
Cap: 75
BLISS POLISH - Misdreavus
 Misdreavus/Pokemon Go
Description: A dark teal jelly filled with violet pink micro flakes and a dusting of holo.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Great formula and application! Usually with jellies, you need 3 coats to build them up. But this one was pulled off in 2 easy coats.
Price: $11
Cap: 100
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - Welcome to the Coast
Inspiration: Final Fantasy XIV
Description: Bright aqua with fine copper shimmer, medium copper and aqua shimmer, green microflakies, and copper to green aurora shifting shimmer
Formula/Application/Thoughts: All around perfection! This is easily one of my favorite BEGL's ever. This shade of blue is amazinggggggg! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $12
Cap: No cap
  Bluebird Lacquer - Pew! Pew! Pew!  
Inspiration: Galaga
Description: Lime, olive to rose gold multichrome with red-purple ucc flakies and scattered holo.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula and easy application. I tried my hardest to capture the shift, I think it's shown best in the last pic! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $12
No cap
BLUSH Lacquers - Ride the Wave
Inspiration: Wave Race 64
Description: A teal toned aqua base loaded with holo flakies and a strong pink shimmer that shifts to orange (gold and green seen at more extreme angles).
Formula/Application/Thoughts: BLUSH has the most amazing brushes. They're flat and wide and fit my nail shape perfectly. It makes application easy for me! Formula is perfect. Shown below is 2 coats, but may benefit from a third. That pink flash though!
Price: $13
Cap: No cap
Bohemian Polish - We Broke It
Description: Blue linear holo with pink, purple, and gold UCC flakes.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula and easy application. Love the base color of this one. I did 3 coats because you can never have too many UCC flakes!
Price: $12
Cap: No cap
Cameo Colours Lacquers - Apocrypha
Inspiration: Skyrim
Description: Light/medium blue-gray crelly, full of green shimmer, green, blue, and silver micro flakes, midnight sparkle flakes, lime-blue-gold UCC flakes, silver holo micro flakes, and a bit of holo sparkle.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: No issues with formula or application, applies like butta. I adore blue grays, I was happy to see this! A little fun fact for ya: Cameo was my very first indie polish! So I blame her for all this ;)
Price: $11
Cap: No cap
CbL - The Great Escape
Inspiration: Rayman 2
Description: Coral orange crelly with gold to green shimmer, green to yellow flake and red to gold to green flake
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Perfect formula, easy application. This is one of those colors that will probably look different on each device. I chose not to color correct, but it leans a little more bright orange irl. Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $11
Cap: No cap
Celestial Cosmetics - The Need For Speed
Inspiration: Need For Speed
Description: A teal holo with silver flakes and teal holo micro glitter
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Fantastic formula and application! I was nervous my camera would NOPE this shade, but it didn't! I love, love, LOVE teals, and this one is perfect! 
Price: $12
Cap: 130
Chaotic Glitz - Jade
Description: Ultrachrome polish in pink/green/purple loaded with holo. 2 different Mortal Kombat stickers available with purchase.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: This was my first experience with Chaotic Glitz and I was not disappointed. If you like greens, you will need to add this one to your collection, it's perfect! Shown below is 2 coats. 
Price: $13
Cap: 100
 Chirality Polish - Wandering Wizard
Inspiration: Solstice
Description: A holographic multichrome polish shifting from denim blue to cobalt to violet to plum to green gold at different angles with a strong linear holographic finish. 
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Perfect formula and application, no issues! The only issue I had is trying to capture the beautiful purple shift! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $11
Cap: No cap
 Color Infinity - Kirby's Dream Land
Inspiration: Kirby's Dream Land
Description: A sparkly light bubblegum pink intense liner holographic with holographic flakies throughout.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula and application. This is opaque in ONE COAT. Yes, one coat! I chose to do 2 for pics. 
Price: $12.50
Cap: No cap
Colores de Carol - Lightning Legs
Inspiration: Chun-Li Street Fighter
Description: A clear to blue thermal with Aurora shimmer, holo micro flakes, iridescent glitter and blue micro glitter.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: It's hard for me to put into words how amazing this thermal is so all I'll say is UNF! So beautiful! Perfect all around, shifted easily for me. Shown below is 3 coats.
Price: $11.50
Cap: No cap
Creative Cuticles Nail Polish - Fatal Conspiracy
Inspiration: CSI
Description: a vivid green with green shimmer, green/gold shifting microflakes, and holo gold flakes.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: No issues with formula or application, applies smoothly. Be sure to brush the edge of your free edge so the flakes aren't on the edge like in my pics. Sorry about that >.< Did notice some slight staining.
Price: $10
Cap: 80
CrowsToes Nail Color - @!#?@!
Inspiration: Q*Bert
Description: A bluish purple multichrome shifter that shifts through blue purple to magenta to gold and a bit of green., laced with Micro Orange holo and silver holo sparks.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Can you believe this was my first CrowsToes? I know, I know. I should be ashamed of myself and I am because this polish is gawgeous and perfect! Shown below is 3 coats.
Price: $13
Cap: 175
Crystal Knockout - Color Pulse
Inspiration: Splatoon 2
Description: Black jelly base with aqua-pink aurora shimmer, iridescent rainbow shimmer, green/blue/purple chameleon micro glitter, neon pink micro flakies, and pink/green/gold UCC flakes. Also glows bright green in the dark!
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula and easy application. Be sure to let this one dry in between coats or you may get dragging like I did. Glows in the dark easily! Shown below is 2 thick coats, better with 3 thin coats.
Price: $13
Cap: 275
Cuticula - Scented Top Coat
Inspiration: Zelda: Okarina of Time
Description: Zesty lime, sweet cream, and crunchy crust all come together in this heavenly scent.
Thoughts: Cuticula has amazing top coat (hello, I used it for ALL my ppu swatches) and the scent on this one is yummy. Be sure to let it dry first to get the scent. Don't be like me and take a huge whiff of it in the bottle. Oof.
Price: $8.50
Cap: No cap
Cuticula - Scented Liquid Latex 
Inspiration: Kirby
Description: A slice of decadent white birthday cake loaded with sweet fluffy strawberry buttercream.
Thoughts: Glitter all the things! Even nail tape. Smells yummy and pulled off in one easy piece!
Price: $8.25
Cap: No cap
Darling Diva - Whip it Good! 
Inspiration: Castlevania 
Description:deep red with holo flakes and fairy pee
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Formula is slightly thick, not a problem, just means you may be able to pull this off in 1 thick coat. THAT RED/ORANGE FLASH THOUGH!!! So beautiful. Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $12
Cap: ?
 Delush Polish - Zombie Hunter 
Inspiration: Resident Evil
Description: A striking navy to purple multichrome, featuring glowing aurora shimmer accented with captivating ultra chrome chameleon flakies that come alive when you apply any magnet! 
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula and application. There's so much going on in this polish! I'm a novice magnet user, so I'm not sure if I showed off the magnetic part of this polish well enough. It's gorgeous in person! My brush was slightly messed up, but I'm sure it's not usually an issue. Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $12.95
Cap: 200
Dollish Polish - A Terrible Fate
Inspiration: Zelda - Majora's Mask
Description: Indigo jelly with UP color shifting shimmer loaded with chameleon iridescent flakes and UCC flakes in shapes of red, copper, gold, light and dark green, blue, pink, and purple
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Great formula and easy application! Me and this cap about fought though. I hate my small hands sometimes LOL. Top coat REALLY makes this one pop! I'm sure it's equally as gorgeous matte. Shown below is 3 thin coats. Could be pulled off in 2 thick coats.
Price: $13.50
Cap: 200
Don Deeva - Dots for Breakfast, Ghosts For Lunch
Inspiration: Pac-Man
Description: a black jelly base loaded with holo flake mix and aurora pigments, various glitters, and copper, orange, and gold ucc flakes
Formula/Application/Thoughts: No glitter fishing for this one! Glitters are in abundance and spread nicely and don't clump on the nail. This polish screams Pac-Man for sure! Shown below is 3 coats for a big glitter pay off.
Price: $13
Cap: 150
Dreamland Lacquer - Evil Pig Bag Acquired
Inspiration: Tomba
Description:hot pink jelly with holo flakes, metallic shimmer, and a subtle blue flash
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Hot pink? YES, PLEASE! Gimme all the hot pinks. This one is super gorgeous and has a perfect formula. Could almost be pulled off in one coat! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $12
Cap: 200
Which are your must haves?!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!

June PPU opens June 1st at 11 AM EST - June 4th at 11:59 PM EST!

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