Polish Pickup June 2018 Video Games Pt. 2 E-Le

Heeeey everyone! I'm back with the final June polishes I received from Polish Pickup for the month of June. How big is your wishlist so far this month? Let's see if you can add a few more to it with brands E-Le!

Notes: All photos taken indoors with artificial lighting unless otherwise stated. I use Nail Hoot Super Talon Swatch & Peel off base coat, and Cuticula's Rock Candy top coat.

Emily de Molly - Odd Strategy
Inspiration: Abe's Odyssey 
Description: A lilac grey with green to purple shifting shimmer and blue chrome flakes.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula, easy application. We have another one coater, ladies and gents! I chose to do 2 for pics though. Any kind of 'grayed' polishes make me weak!
Price: $11
Cap: 230
Ever After Polish
Description: A slate blue holo with navy micro flakes and red metallic flakes
Formula/Application/Thoughts: I couldn't get many of the pretty red flakes on the brush, but trust when I say the polish is very pretty! Good formula aside from the red flakes being rude. Shown below is 3 coats.
Price: $10
Cap: No cap
Ever After Polish -Cuticle Crelly
Inspiration: Mountain Dew
Description: A crisp blend of summer citrus including oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit with a hint of fizzing bubbles 
Thoughts: If you're a gamer, you know that Mountain Dew is kind of the "official" drink for gamers. I remember one Call of Duty where you could get special stuff for purchasing Mountain Dew and Doritos that had codes on them. Yes, I spent a lot of money on both lol. This scent doesn't scream Mountain Dew to me, but it is a nice clean scent and I love how it doesn't leave my fingers and hands greasy!
Price: $6
Cap: No cap
 Fair Maiden - The Puppet Master
Description: Blackened violet shimmer/flakie with holo glitters
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Our fearless PPU leaders have once again released a polish that is jaw droppingly gorgeous and unique! Perfect formula and application. Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $11
Cap: No cap
Fanchromatic Nails - Atrus Shrugged
Inspiration: Myst
Description: A dreamy sky blue crelly with subtle shimmer, green glitter, and seven different kinds of holo, metallic, and iridescent flakies.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Dreamy indeed! This is such a lovely base color! Good formula and application, no issues. Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $12
Cap: No cap
Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Hellfire
Description: A medium rusty red with olive green that shifts to pink with blue/green iridescent flakes.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Perfect formula! Flakes did drag if overworked though, so be careful. Can we just talk about how amazing this color is? Like...I was in awe with my first Femme Fatale. It really screams "fire" to me! 
Price: $13
Cap: No cap
Fiendish Fancies - Ghastly Little Pest
Inspiration: Silent Hill
Description: Icy teal blue frosty foil with flakies, holo glitter, multidimensional blue glitter
Formula/Application/Thoughts: This one did dry *slightly* textured, so a glossy top coat is very beneficial. No issues with application though, applies nicely! Silent Hill is one of the only game/movie franchises that has legitimately freaked me out. It was one of those games that I didn't want to play when I was alone, and I do NOT scare easily. 
Price: $11
Cap: 75
Grace-full Nail Polish - Miss Speedster 
Inspiration: Toadette
Description: A light candy pink linear holo with gold, lavender, and pink shimmer and gold flakes
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Ya'll aren't gonna believe this, but it's ANOTHER ONE COATER. I didn't even bother with a second coat because the first applied so perfect. This is inspired by Toadette, one of my favorite characters from the Mario franchise. Love playing as her in Mario Kart, and she was so adorbs in Paper Mario. Why doesn't she have her OWN game yet, Nintendo?!
Price: $11.50
Cap: 120
Great Lakes Lacquer - ....whatever
Description: a mega linear holographic featuring holo micro flakes, multichrome shifts of red to orange to gold with flashes of fuchsia.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Perfect formula and application. I CAN NOT EVEN WITH THIS POLISH. How flippin gorgeous is this?! I don't have anything like this in my collection at all.
Price: $13.50
Cap: 200
Heather's Hues - Sparkle Specialist 
Description: A sparkly holo base with iridescent blue to indigo to pink shifting shimmer and a rainbow of multichrome and iridescent flakes
Formula/Application/Thoughts: This polish is heaven in a bottle. So much pretty stuff going on it's hard to capture it all! Great formula and application. Shown below is 3 coats.
Price: $13
Cap: No cap
Illyrian Polish - Arco Iris
Description: Gray crelly base with blue/purple/orange multichrome pigment, holo sparkles/flecks, blue/ green - purple/blue - orange/green and pink/gold iridescent flakes.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Flakes dragged a bit for me, so don't overwork the polish. Anyone else get irrationally angry when you play Rainbow Road on Mario Kart? UGH. Shown below is 2 thick coats.
Price: $14
Cap: No cap
Indie by Patty Lopes - Tomb Raider
Description: Cyan blue with micro flakies holo, duochrome and shimmers
Formula/Application/Thoughts: New to PPU! And I was pretty impressed. No issues with formula or application. First coat does apply sheer but builds up nicely at 3 coats.
Price: $10
Cap: 80
Jior Couture - Oh No, Wrong Spot!
Inspiration: Tetris
Description: Medium blue base with purple shimmer and red, green, gold, orange aurora pigment
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula and easy application. This is a color that nopes for a lot of cameras, but I think it's pretty color accurate! Shown below is 2 coats, but I still have visible nail line, so may benefit from a third coat.
Price: $12.50
Cap: No cap
JReine Cosmetics - Doppelganger  
Inspiration: MLP equestria girls
Description: Violet jelly base with shifting shimmer, Multichrome shimmer, UCC mega flakes and crystal chameleon flakes
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Another hard color to capture *shakes fist* This is much more purple irl. No issues with formula or application! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $12.50
Cap: 200
KBShimmer - Insert Coin
Inspiration: Arcades
Description: a multichrome polish with golden magnetic effect and a dash of holo sparkle.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: No issues with formula or application. The magnetic effect is super strong in this one! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $11.50
Cap: No cap
Lantern & Wren (Ellison's Organics)- Just Blow In It 
Inspiration: Original NES 
Description: silver/grey matte with silver flecks
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Good formula, if you don't like matte finish, add a top coat (shown in last pic) I don't like mattes simply because sometimes I suck at painting my nails and you can see all the imperfections lol. I adore this one with a top coat though! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $12
Cap: No cap
le polish - Paint
Inspiration: Mario Paint
Description: pale blue green crelly with purple blue shifting microflakes and giant silver flakes.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Great formula and application. No issues! This is a unique base color and those shifting microflakes!! AHH! Who else spent endless hours swatting gnats on Mario Paint? I know I did! I also spent way too much time making music on there lol. So many good memories with that game! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $11.50
Cap: 150
Lemming Lacquer - Tilted
Inspiration: Tilted is a state of anger and frustration at a game causing the player to perform poorly resulting in more anger and more losses.
Description: a deep blood red jelly with red/bronze/copper shimmer and red/orange/cold iridescent flakes
Formula/Application/Thoughts: Flakes dragged a bit on the edge of my nail, just swipe top coat on your free edge and it'll be good to go. I love a good, deep red! Shown below is 2 coats.
Price: $13
Cap: 250
LevelUP Lacquer -
Description: A dark grey crelly with purple and orange glitter.
Formula/Application/Thoughts: No glitter dragging on the nail, and plenty of glitter pay off on the brush/nail! I miss crellies like this! When I first got into indies, this was all the rage and was my absolute favorite kind of finish. Shown below is 2 coats.  
Price: $10.50
Cap: No cap
Shew! Did you make it through all that? Which ones are your must haves?
Remember, PPU is taking a break in July. Instead of a chosen theme, each maker will have the option to bring back ONE PPU exclusive shade!

June PPU opens June 1st at 11 AM EST - June 4th at 11:59 PM EST!

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