Sally Hansen Big Polish Guards Cuticle Protectors

Hi everyone! I have something new from Sally Hansen to share with you all today. If you don't like to use a clean up brush, and you have a difficult time keeping the polish on your nails instead of your skin, then you may want to check this out!

From Sally Hanson:
"Polish slip-ups can happen but not with the Sally Hansen Big Polish Guards Cuticle Protectors. They’re the newest innovation in at-home manicures. Just wrap your cuticles, paint on color and then peel away any mishaps. This means each hand (yes, both) will get the same, flawless results. It’s really that simple. Big Polish Guards Cuticle Protectors give you the freedom to paint your nails at home, mess-free.

Sally Hansen Big Polish Guards Cuticle Protectors slip on so you can paint your nails then peel away any mistakes. Find the super-flex guard that fits your nails to create a barrier and ensure a flawless polish line, every time."
Admittedly, I may not have been the best person to test this product out. I've swatched nail polish for so many years, I've mastered polishing without having to do any kind of clean up. I should have had my husband try to paint my nails and it would have probably been more sloppy LOL.
Applying the guard was very easy. I have difficulty finding things that match my nail shape, or in this case, cuticle shape. But these stretch and can be applied to fit any shape. I even tried taking it off and reapplying several times to see if it was still sticky, and it was after me removing it 3 times. The guard kind of reminds me of a fabric band aid.
I did get a little polish on the guard, which would have needed to be cleaned up with a clean up brush and acetone if I had been swatching/polishing. Results:
Pretty cool huh? This could be beneficial to people that don't like cleaning up, or have a hard time coloring in the lines. For people that don't really need these for polishing, I can see using these for nail art stamping or even watermarble to protect your cuticles. I didn't do a whole mani because I want to save the guards to test them for stamping!

There are a total of 24 guards, so enough for 2 full manis. These retail for $5.99 and are sold wherever Sally Hansen is available!

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