August Polish Pickup Ft. Fair Maiden & Nail Hoot

Carnivals were my jam when I was younger. Today though, you can't make me get on a ride. The last thing I rode a decade ago was the pirate ship, anddddd I got sick and had a panic attack. I still go to local carnivals and fairs mainly for the food though. It's not a Kentucky summer unless it's filled with saturated fats and sugars! I have 2 pretties to share with ya'll today, so let's get right to it. 

Fair Maiden - It's so Fluffy!
A cool toned medium pink when cold/white when hot with iridescent shimmer and flakes that shift red/gold/green
Inspiration: Agnes from Despicable Me
$11, No Cap
Animated characters I can relate to: Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers, Daria, and Agnes from Despicable Me. The carnival scene where she hugs the unicorn and utters one of my most favorite sayings me..when I see a dog. This gorgeous thermal is a white/peachy pink when warm, and pink when cold. I run warm, always, so I was delighted to have it stay peachy pink the majority of the time! Shown below is 3 thin coats with top coat.
Nail Hoot - Lion Whisperer
A light neutral brown linear holo with a strong golden flash
Inspiration: Carnival lion tamers
$10.99, No Cap
Every Nail Hoot polish will now come with a cute little swatch bow, pictured below! Or maybe it's a butterfly? The holo is strong with this one! Great formula and easy application. Shown below is 2 thickish coats with top coat. opens July 28th for preview/wishlisting and August 2nd for purchase!

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