Tutorial: Jason Voorhees nails

jason voorhees, halloween nail art
It's almost that time again..Halloween! One of my favorite holidays. I love that TV is full of scary movies (even though they're edited) and I binge watch horror movies on Netflix. Today I'm going to show you a very simple Halloween mani involving my favorite horror villain, Jason!
This will be a two part mani; splatter art, and a dotticure resembling Jason's mask.

Supplies needed:
Red, black, and white polish. I used all Sinful Colors
Dotting tool

A straw, cut in half
Small paint brush
Foil, paper, etc to put nail polish

First, I'll show you the splatter blood art.
Level of difficulty: LOW

how to do a splatter manicure
1. Apply white polish. I had to use 3 coats of Sinful Colors.
2. Tape around your finger. Things are about to get messy.
3. Put a small amount of red polish onto foil or whatever you choose to use for your nail art. Take the straw that you cut in  half and dip it into polish. Be sure to stick your thumb on the opposite end of straw, and make sure polish is inside the straw, not just around the edges.
4. Position the straw a couple of inches away from your nail, and blow. Don't inhale, that would just be tragic lol. Repeat this step until you get the desired blood splatter look.
5. Remove tape, and clean up any red polish around your nail.

Now the less messy part, Jason!
Level of difficulty: LOW
jason voorhees step by step nail art
No step by step needed, just follow the pictures! I did the red stripes with a small paint brush. Of course this is optional, but the red stripes are my favorite parts on his mask.
jason voorhees, halloween nail art
Who is your favorite horror villain?