Neon Dry Watermarble

neon watermarble nails
How satisfying is this image? Anyone that has done a watermarble knows one of the hardest parts is getting your polish to spread perfectly. Check out my final results!
If you remember my Zoya Delight dry watermarble you'll remember I said I'd never ever be dipping my fingers into water again, and I haven't. Dry watermarbling is soo much easier!! Here's a pic of the decals once I pull them out of the cup, typically I cut them into 4 different pieces.
dry watermarble nail art
Dixie Cup
Bottled water

Bonita polishes used:
Lavender Lovers
Melon Bar
Pink Wink
Cotton Candy Dreams

Base polish: 
China Glaze White on White

All of the Bonita's used were purchased at Big Lots 2 for $1! They're mini sized bottles, and they worked beautifully for watermarbling. I was surprised! I didn't wanna go the "flower pattern" route this time, I tried something a little different.
dry watermarble nail art
dry watermarble nail art
dry watermarble nail art
A few tips for (dry) watermarbling:
  • Use a small cup, dixie cups work perfect.
  • Use bottled water.
  • Use a toothpick or something similar to make the design.
  • Start making your pattern on the second or third ring.
  • When dry watermarbling, let it dry for at LEAST 2 hours.
  • I use a toothpick to lift the image out, and then place on a paper towel to get off excess water.
  • Paint your base color 10-15 minutes before you plan on placing image. You want it damp, but not wet (if it's too wet, it may bubble and be hard to work with.)
  • You don't have to cut to fit. I press the watermarble decal onto my nail and around the nail, then use a brush with acetone around my cuticle and it removes excess (use liquid latex on your fingers to avoid a big mess.)
For a full tutorial check out Alps nail art and Betty's Beauty Bombs!

Do you like watermarbling, or is it something you avoid? 

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