Nail Bliss Nail Guard Review

Hey everyone! I have some more products from Nail Bliss to show you all today. These are nail guard protective strips, for easy peel off after you've polished your nails.

From Nail Bliss:
"Say goodbye to soaking nails in acetone with the innovative Nail Guard Protective Nail Strips. Each clear, self-adhesive strip is applied directly on a clean, dry natural nail.  Apply gel, glitter or regular polish directly over Nail Guard for fast, peel-off removal.  Nail Guard is also ideal for using under full-cover, glue-on nails to ensure quick, easy removal.  Nail Guard Protective Nail Strips also provide instant protection by shielding nails from direct contact with polish, gels and overlays PLUS instant strength by reinforcing nails to help prevent splitting, peeling and cracking."

I chose to test these out on my cindy hand, as I don't want anything sticky applied to my swatch hand. Gotta keep that swatch hand strong, right ladies? SO, fair warning, my nails on my cindy hand are an absolute disaster!! Is anyone else's cindy hand like that? 
These were easy to peel off the paper, but SUPER HARD to apply on my nails. I gave up after messing with one for nearly 5 minutes, and decided you all are lucky I even managed one nail for this review. Even after pressing down firmly, there was still ridges in the guard. My nails are also so oddly shaped that none of them fit my nails correctly. Cutting off the excess was hard, and I tried to file off the rest of the excess, but it just made it worse. Removing it was simple.
Would I recommend this? No. I would much rather use a peel off base coat. However, for the ladies who don't know the wonderful world of indie peel off base coats or yellow stopper, this may be good for them. The price is fair, at $3.99 for several sheets. These are exclusive to Sally Beauty Stores!

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