Year in Review: 2016 Favorite Polishes

2016 was a great year for my blog! I got to work with a lot of amazing indie brands, as well as mainstream. I also co-founded The Color Box, which has been an amazing experience. I tried to narrow down my favorite polishes from the year, which was a hard thing to do! Unfortunately, a lot of my personal purchases never get swatched and/or photographed and shared with you all, so most of these except one I think, are ones that you all have already seen. I wanted to put them all in one post and show my favorite indie brands some love though! In no particular order...

Anchor & Heart - Vacation Land
One of my favoritest new brands to come out of 2016!
Athena & Aphrodite - Moneta's Jewel
A lesser known brand that deserves some more love from us!
Baroness X - Doomfire
I'm sure this will be on a lot of 2016 favorite lists!
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - Wash Away What's Past
Inspired by my favorite musical, Les Mis!
Black Dahlia Lacquer - Rose Bud
A truly unique and amazing polish, I have nothing else like it!
Bornprettystore - Chameleon Polish
Who would have thought BPS had such amazing polishes?!
Domani Color - Twinkle in the Night
Another new brand from 2016, I had the honor of swatching all of her polishes! She's currently on a break (new baby!) but will hopefully come back with a vengeance in 2017.
Fair Maiden Polish - Shift Just Got Real
I can't even with this polish. It's amazing.
GlitterDaze - You Were Mermaid for This
I was honored when Sana asked me to swatch each Daze of the Month all year! I loved every single one, but this one is my absolute favorite.
Joy Lacquer - Hikers or Heels
Seriously, how perfect is this? Joy makes AMAZING thermals.
Lilypad Lacquer - My Everything
UNF. Love this shade. When Lilypad asked me to swatch I may have done a little dance. Swatching dream come true!
Literary Lacquers - Raspberry Cordial
This shade of pink is EVERYTHING.
Literary Lacquers - Tonight's Adventure
A beautiful polished created for a great cause, OCD
My World Sparkles - Group Custom
Perfection in a bottle. I wore this many times this year.
My World Sparkles - Merchants of Venice
A beautiful pink filled with my favorite colors of glitters? Yes, please.
Nail Hoot - August birthstone
I mean seriously, could this green be anymore perfect?
Nail Hoot - July birthstone
Such a stunning shade of red!
Nail Hoot - September birthstone
UNF. SO MANY UNF'S. My favorite shade of blue.
Nail Tonic - Rainbowfish
Another new brand from 2016 that has taken the indie scene by storm! I expect great things from them in 2017.
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - Green's Alexandrite Within Me
One of the most stunning polishes Julie has created, from the green Color Box
Great Lakes Lacquer - Manna's Magical Masterpiece
My green from The Color Box!
Polish M - Manna's Magnificent Masterpiece
My amazing grey from The Color Box!
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - Manna's Majestic Masterpiece
My first polish from The Color Box!
Anchor & Heart Lacquer - Manna's Marvelous Masterpiece
My teal from The Color Box!
Zoya - Finley
One of the most stunning Zoya's in a long time

And there you have it! Can you tell what my favorite colors are?! What are some of your favorites from 2016, did any of yours make MY list?

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