Born Pretty Store Colorful Plaid Decals

Long time, no blog about water decals eh? I misplaced my last sample from BPS which was these pretty plaid decals. This is what happens when I finally decide to organize my helmers and the stuff I store nail things in..I lose things!

I started with a base of this Literary Lacquers polish..which will be on the blog later in the week so I'm not going to tell you what it is just yet ;) I cut out the decal, removed the clear plastic film, dipped the decal in the water for 20 seconds and pulled the image off. I put the image right over the polish, usually I paint the nail white but the lazy was strong with me last night.
If you want to purchase these you can do so HERE for $1.29. Be sure to use my code AMABK31 to get 10% off your order!

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