Domani Color Winter 2017 Collection

Who is the worst nail blogger in all the land? Me. I haven't taken this long of a hiatus since I started blogging years ago! I'll be honest, I've been busy gaming. Destiny 2, Call of Duty WWII, and Sims 4 for Xbox have taken up most of my free time. Also I'm pretty busy from Thanksgiving until the end of the year, and truthfully nails haven't been much of a passion for me lately. I'm hoping things turn around in the new year for me. Anways, on to the polish!

Domani Color also took a break from nail polish because Meke, the owner and creator, had a baby! She's back now with a Winter Collection that is only available until the end of December 8th! I'm late getting the post up, but I've already shared these images on my Instagram. Meke is closing shop until the new year, so if you want these beauties, now is the time.

All of these were fabulous, and I had no issues with formula or application. So to save yourself some time and to save myself from repetitiveness, I'll jump right into the pics. All photos taken indoors under 3 daylight bulbs. All polishes topped with Out the Door top coat.

Arctic Glacier
2 thick coats
A cool shimmery gray that shifts from cyan blue to violet and has a fine dusting of holo flakes.
Dark Matter-real
Sheer application. 3 thick coats.
A black jelly filled with various sized glitters in copper, red, pink, and a dash of red metallic shards.

Forest Forever Green
Dries gritty. 2 thick coats.
A beautiful deep green jelly base filled with various silver and holo microglitters.
 My Pretty Perfect Pumpkin
2 coats
A beautiful bright, yet subtle, orange with a lovely iridescent shimmer that shifts from gold, blue, to green.
Warm Heart Sparkles
Dries gritty. 2 coats.
A candy apple red jelly filled with various red and silver holo microglitters.
Final thoughts: A little something for everyone! The green and red are PERFECT for those holiday manis, I already have mine planned for Christmas with those two. The orange...pure awesomeness, and that's coming from someone who isn't usually a huge fan of orange polish. Dark Matter-real is perfect for any occasion. And the real winner of this collection for me, is Arctic Glacier. The color shift in that one is to dieeee for. I did not want to take it off when I swatched it.

Price & Availability: Only available until tonight! $8.50 full / $4.50 mini. Full collection is $36.50

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Which is your favorite?

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