Indie Pickup November/December 2018: Badass Women & Enchanted Forest Part 1: A-K

Hey everyone! THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST UPON US! Who else is in total disbelief?! I was just thinking next Friday is Black Friday, the holiday shopping season begins! What better way to begin early than picking up a few things for your loved ones on If you are unfamiliar with IPU, it's a sister concept to Polish Pickup. Instead of nail polish, IPU offers other items from talented individuals in the indie community with things like makeup, wax, jewelry, and other fun misc things! I volunteered to be the last blogger of the year for IPU, as the ladies are taking a break in December to enjoy the holidays. Hence the double theme, and double the products. IPU also has some fun announcements for the new year, but you'll have to wait to see about those! Let's get's gonna be a pic heavy post, so I will try to keep it as short and sweet as possible!

If you want to go directly to the listing to add to your wishlist/purchase, click on the name of the brand/product! I will also be cutting the image size down for the blog post to hopefully help with loading time. If you'd like to see all of the pics, feel free to check out MY DROPBOX.

Alter Ego - Goes to Hel.... Soap

Colorless to black soap in misc. scents.
Inspiration: Hel, Norse Goddess of the Dead
Cap: 25
Price: $8

I didn't detect much of a scent, but that's fine with me because this soap is way too awesome to use lol.
A soft and beautiful rose red lip lacquer with sparkling blue shimmer.
Inspiration: Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
Price: $9
I don't take pics of my lips, however I did try this out and I loved it! Goes on smooth, great color!
 Baroness X - Wunderbust Natural Anti-Aging Cream
This unique and custom to Baroness X formulation is as natural and beneficial as you can get with an indie anti-aging cream. It's been formulated with sensitive skin in mind, as the owner of Baroness X herself has sensitive skin. This cream will help keep your d├ęcolletage and face supple and youthful. 
Inspiration: Wonder Woman (as played by Lynda Carter)
Price: $8

 I'm incredibly cautious with what I put on my face because I tend to break out very easily. This is the first indie product I've put on my face and I LOVE IT. The scent is nice, but subtle. My skin was left feeling soft and it didn't break me out! 

 Bee's Knees Lacquer - Mushy Snugglebites' Badonkadonk Scroap
A scroap (our version of a whipped sugar scrub) that smells of Dr. Pepper, sweet sugary candy, and blue cotton candy. You know, all of things an unsupervised 13 year old would eat!
Tiny Tina from Borderlands 

Cap: 100
Price: $10

I used this in the shower, and I enjoyed it. A little goes a long way! My skin was left feeling soft and smelling yummy! I also adore Tiny Tina, I miss playing Borderlands!

Bee's Knees Lacquer - Make It Rain! Bath Bomb
Bath bomb they pairs with our scroap- scents of sugary soda, lemon and cherry effervescence, and all the candy.
Inspiration: Tiny Tina from Borderlands  Cap: 100 Price: $9
I was unable to use this in the bath, because I have a bum knee and a bum wrist. So me + getting in and out of bathtubs = not a good idea right now lol. I did however chip some of the bomb off into a bowl. Weird color, but a nice scent!

Care by Llarowe - Nasty Woman Clarifying Shampoo
Clarifying shampoo in coconut mango scents
Inspiration: Hilary Clinton
Cap: 50
Price: $4
I lol'ed so hard when I got this, love the inspiration! The shampoo itself didn't have much of a scent, and it didn't suds up the way I like my shampoo to.
An intricate gold brooch tops a shimmery white wax shot, scented in a dupe of Coco Mademoiselle perfume - bergamot and orange top notes with lush jasmine, a hint of patchouli, vetiver, and vanilla.
Inspiration: Madame de Pompadour (Jeanne Antoinette Poisson)
Cap: 25
Price: $2.50
The scent throw on this one wasn't good in my bedroom, however CDI asked ahead of time how things were, and she will be adding MORE scent! I'm kinda jealous, the scent of this one is magical!
Room and linen spray scented with lilacs
Inspiration: Susan B Anthony
Cap: 36
Price: $4
If you like floral scents like I do, you will love this! It's a nice, clean scent, perfect for the bathroom.
 Chirality - Bewitched & Paradise Soften Your Tips
Soften Your Tips is a Nourishing Cuticle Oil that was formulated with only the most skin-loving oils. It has been handcrafted to be super nourishing and will sink into your skin quickly without being greasy. Packaged in an elegant tube with a doe foot wand for easy application. 
Cap: 50
Price: $9

The scent on both of these is amazing! I'm more partial to Bewitched because I like floral scents.

Crow & Pebble - She-Wolf Matte Lipstick
A matte bullet lipstick in a berry shade. 
Inspiration: Marguerite d'Anjou

Cap: 100
Price: $10.50
I'm not a lipstick kinda gal, so I had my friend Meg try this one out. The shade is lovely, but she says she prefers it with some lip gloss underneath. Thanks Meg for modeling for the pics!
Cuticula - Chocolate Confection Nail Fortifier
Nail Fortifier is a non greasy creamy formula fortified to help nails stay strong and healthy with moisturizing ingredients for the ultimate nutrition for your nails. 
Inspiration: Lucille Ball
Cap: None
Price: $6.50
I totally goofed while opening this. I didn't expect the formula to be so thin, and when I opened it I spilled half of it all over my shirt! I tried to scoop as much as I could so I could take a halfway decent pic, but it was still a mess. Good news though, Cuticula has REFORMULATED, and it is now thicker and better!
Cuticula - Grow A Pear' Seamless Ridge Filler
Scented Ridge Filling Base Coat in the scent fizzy pop and fresh pears.
Inspiration: Lucille Ball
Cap: None
Price: $8.50 
Cuticula has some of my favorite base/top coats and this is no exception!
 Fanchromatic Nails - Fizzy Bath Powder Sampler Duo
A duo of colorful fizzy bath powders in two different scents & colors: Electric Lady is honeysuckle & jasmine scented, in a soft orange color, and ArchAndroid is scented with grapefruit, lime, ginger, and mangosteen, with a lime green color.
Inspiration: Janelle Monae
Cap: 40
Price: $9
Imagine adding pop rocks to your mouth, that's what this sounded like when it hit the water! It foams up a bit, it was so fun to watch!
Fanchromatic Nails - 
Woodland Meadow Cleansing Balm

Winter can be so drying for our skin - this luxurious cleansing balm comes to the rescue! Infused with rosemary and lavender, it not only cleans, but also softens and moisturizes your skin! 
Inspiration: Enchanted Forest
Cap: 20
Price: $9
Lovely, clean scent. Does exactly what it describes!

 Fangirl Polish - Women Who Rock Water Slide Nail Decal Sheet
An exclusive IPU water slide nail decal sheet featuring 66 different images of women who have, throughout the years, influenced/inspired the music industry.
Inspiration: Ladies who rock!
Cap: 50
Price: $4
I must admit I'm a terrible blogger. I put off doing a mani with these, and then by the time I could sit down and do my nails, I had 2 nail breaks. So I've had to file them all down :( I was very pleased to see Lady Gaga, Courtney Love, Amy Winehouse, and Shirley Manson though..those are the ladies I was going to use for my mani!

Choice of smooth or lace filigree adjustable ring setting. Hand marbled using 5 indie polishes.
Inspiration: Ching Shih
Cap: 15 each
Price: $10.50
How flippin' gorgeous are these!!! Looks like a galaxy!
 Forty Winks Jewelry - Fairy Earrings
Choice of lace/filigree studs or dangle lever back earrings. Handstamped and painted using 5 indie polishes. Features an adorable mismatched set of toadstool mushrooms and forest scene.
Inspiration: Mushrooms
Cap: 15 studs, 20 dangles
Price: $13
These are so adorable! My ears don't like anything except 14k gold, but I'm going to try to wear these!

Gold Skull Cosmetics - Plasmatic Green Eyeshadow
 Lime green eyeshadow with a bright green and gold duo shift
Inspiration: Wendy O' WIlliams from the Plasmatics
Cap: 50
Price: $6.50
If you love green eyeshadow, this is for you! Very pigmented and went on smoothly. Can also be used wet.
 Heather's Hues - WiTS Body Lotion
WiTS Lotion is a moisturizing vegan body lotion proudly made from scratch. This exclusive scent of cannabis flower is a light, somewhat floral but slighty earthy fragrance with notes of grass, warm musk, cedar and sandalwood vanilla
Inspiration: Janis Joplin
Cap: 75
Price: $6
I feel like a broken record, but floral scents are my jam! Love this stuff!
Heaven Scent Treasure Candles - Roll on Perfumes in Chocolate Amber & Autumn Leaves
Inspiration: Hedy Lamar / Enchanted Forest
Cap: None
Price: $9
I've never tried roll on perfumes, and I was pleasantly surprised by these. Lovely scents!
Hemlock Doxy - Iridescent Lip Butter
Deep plum tinted lip butter with pink to gold iridescent shimmer, apple cinnamon flavor and Swarovski Crystals on the lid.
Inspiration: Alice Morgan from Luther
Cap: 39
Price: $10
Labels weren't in when I was sent this product, so pay no attention to that, yours WILL have a label! Lovely shade, and I love the crystals on top.
 Hemlock Doxy - Branches & Ribbons Necklace
A necklace made of entwined copper branches and satin ribbons with swarovski crystal beads in different shapes and sizes
Inspiration: Lothlorien, Forest in LotR
Cap: 25
Price: $15
Look at the sparkle on those beads!
 Kinsmade - Manicure-Friendly Scouring Pad
Copper mesh scrubbie with crochet top
Inspiration: Granny Moses (Beverly Hillbillies
Cap: 100 of each color
Price: $6
Would make a great gift for that obsessive cleaner in your life ;)
 Kinsmade - Enchanted Forest Earrings
Earrings with leaf charm
Inspiration: Enchanted Forest
Cap: 21 silver, 23 brass
Price: $8
Dangle earrings aren't my thing because my hair always gets caught in them, but seriously how cute are these? opens THIS FRIDAY, November 16th until November 19th. Remember this is the last IPU of the year, so if you want gifts for Christmas, now is the time to order! Part 2 will be up tomorrow, see ya then!

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