No Mess Watermarble Tutorial

Monday, April 13, 2015

watermarble nail art
If you've read any of my posts lately, you know I'm a huge advocate for dry watermarble! I finally decided to do my own pictorial and let all of you in on how I achieve this no mess watermarble a *little* bit differently than others.
  • 2-3 polishes. I used China Glaze Glow With the Flow, DJ Blue My Mind, and Violet Vibes. Also, a white polish for your base.
  • Dixie cup, or desired bowl/cup to do WM.
  • Filtered, bottled, room temperature water.
  • Tweezers.
  • Toothpick or needle to make your design.
  • Paper towels.
  • Scissors.
  • Clean up brush + acetone
  • Optional: Liquid latex
  1. Create your watermarble design. I prefer using Dixie cups because they're small. You could also use old yogurt cups, glass bowls, red solo cups, etc. I like to do designs in at least 4 cups or more so I have a good selection of decals to choose from. Let them dry for up to 2 hours. Any more than that and I've noticed the decals have a tendency to get "flaky" and they fall apart.
    watermarble nail art
  2. After it's dried, take a toothpick or orange stick and run it along the sides of the cup to make sure the decal isn't sticking so it's easier to remove decal. I use tweezers to pick my decals up out of the water.
    watermarble nail art
  3. Here's where I do things a little bit differently than others. I place my decals onto a paper towel to remove excess water. Some like to place decals on saran wrap or sandwich baggies, but I don't always have those in my house! 
    watermarble nail art
  4. Cut decals in half or how I like to do it, into 4 different pieces. I pick out the best looking ones and set them to the side. Be gentle with them!
    watermarble nail art
  5. Paint your nails white. DO NOT ADD TOP COAT. Optional: I apply liquid latex around my cuticles.
  6. Take decal and apply it onto DAMP nails (don't let the white base dry). Press firmly, especially around the edges. If you can, press the decal on your free edge (tip of fingernail) under your nail, or you could cut off the excess. I prefer to press it under my free edge to get that "wrapped" affect, so less tip wear.
    watermarble nail art
  7. Here's another thing I do a little differently. I take a clean up brush dipped in acetone and remove the excess decal around my nails (this is why I use liquid latex). Don't get overzealous with the acetone or it will bleed into your design.
    watermarble nail art tutorial
  8. Remove liquid latex (if you used any), clean up around your cuticles. Apply top coat.
    watermarble nail art tutorial
Here's the final product:

watermarble nail art tutorial
watermarble nail art tutorial
watermarble nail art tutorial
You might be saying to yourself "Ok girl, this looks more difficult than the regular watermarble method" IT'S NOT. 

The main issue I have with dipping my fingers into water is the dreaded bubbles on your design. It never failed, I always had ugly looking bubbles and it made me give up at watermarbling. I also hated having to stick my finger into the cup and then do some ninja work with a qtip trying to get the excess design off around my finger so that didn't get picked up onto my nail.

Here's a handy pictorial for you if you'd like to try this method:
watermarble nail art tutorial
I hope you have found this tutorial helpful! Let me know if you've ever tried dry watermarbling, or if you're interested in trying it in the future!

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