Born Pretty Store Butterfly Water Decals Review

Hello everyone! I have some beautiful water decals from Born Pretty Store to show you today. Keep reading to see what I did with them!
Born Pretty Store offers tons of nail art supplies for cheap and they ship worldwide. The decals I'm showing you today (product #16994) are gorgeous butterflies.

For my look, I started off by doing a glitter gradient using China Glaze-UV Meant to Be, Nail Me-Blue Me Good, and Pretty & Polished-Sea Spray. 
Applying water decals is super easy. Here are the instructions on the back. 
First, cut out the decals. Cut each one individually. After you've cut it, take the film off.
I use a Dixie Cup filled with regular water. It doesn't matter the temperature. Use tweezers to dip the decal and hold it under water for at least 10 seconds.
After you pull it out of the water, place the decal face down onto your nail and slide it off. I use my finger to pick up the decal and place it upright onto my nail.
The amazing thing about water decals is if you mess up, you can easily move it around to your desired position by dipping your finger into the water for a few seconds and then the decal will move. Be sure to wipe away wetness with a paper towel. Use a non smearing top coat, I prefer HK girl. Here is my final look:
Pretty simple huh? And so much easier and less messy than stamping! You can get these beautiful water decals HERE. Click the banner below and be sure to use my code AMABK31 to get 10% off your Born Pretty Store order!
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