Shinespark Polish: The Light, The Heat Part 2

Hi everyone, and happy Monday to you! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know I did, doing absolutely nothing but watching movies. If you haven't seen Interstellar or Unbroken, do it now. Anyways! I have the second part of Shinespark Polishes upcoming release, The Light, The Heat. This part features 5 photochromic polishes, meaning they change colors in the sunlight!
*Note: All of these are 3 coats except Ocean, which is only 2 coats. All are topped with HK Girl.

Ocean is a beautiful pastel blue indoors, outdoors it shifts to a darker blue. Nice formula, can almost be pulled off in one coat. Dries semi-matte.
Flamingo is a pastel pink indoors and shifts to a dark bubblegum pink outdoors. Nice formula, dries semi-matte.
Periwinkle is a pastel lilac indoors and shifts to a deep lavender outdoors. This is my favorite of the bunch! Dries semi-matte.
Green Apple is a pastel mint green indoors and shifts to a darker green in the sunlight. Absolutely adore this color!! Dries semi-matte.
Tangerine is a nudish orange indoors and shifts to a brighter nude outdoors. Not crazy about this color. Also, the pigments had separated so I had to have my husband shake it for a while. Dries semi-matte.
Overall I liked these much better than the thermals. The color shifts outdoors is super intense and full of sparkle. The formula was great for all of these (aside from the slight mishap with Tangerine) and I had no issues with application. 

Don't forget: The Light, The Heat releases THIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29TH. Prices and social media links are below. 

Full size, full set: $70.00
Full size, half set: $37.00
Mini size, full set: $37.00
Mini size, half set: $17.25
Full size, individual: $8.00
Mini size, individual: $3.75

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