Holiday Watermarble

christmas watermarble nail art
Hello all you lovely people! Today I'm going to show you my holiday themed watermarble!
Who thinks watermarbling is simple, raise your internet hand?! one. This took me about 3 hours total. I couldn't find good polish combinations that worked well with each other or I kept screwing it up and having to start over. Red is SO hard to watermarble with, at least for me. Most of them end up looking very pink.

Undie: China Glaze White on White
Red: China Glaze Seeing Red
Green: FingerPaints Monet Money
Silver: Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
christmas watermarble nail art
christmas watermarble nail art
Overall, I'm not too satisifed with this. I know I could have done better with the pattern, but my patience was wearing thin! Do you like to watermarble, or is it something you avoid?

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