Nail Care Routine

Hi everyone! This week, there won't be many swatches from me. I broke my index fingernail on a crouton. Yes, a crouton.
Instead of cutting the rest of my fingernails down short, I'm going to let my index fingernail grow out. Why should the rest of my nails be punished because one decided to kill itself in such a drastic way?? you can see by the title pic, I'll be discussing my nail care routine today!

Cuticle Care
Cuticle care featuring Sunny's cuticle care products and Lush Lemony Flutter
Sunny's Miracle Balm was my first cuticle balm. It's enriched vitamin E oil, biotin, and odorless garlic oil. It's 100% organic and mixed with shea butter, almond, jojoba and avocado oils. You can choose between a billion and one different scents, I went with honeysuckle, because it reminds me of my childhood. My childhood friend and I used to go down to the creek on the end of our street and pick honeysuckle and eat it haha. Smells divine! I try to apply this 3 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. This is $4 for a half oz container, and it lasts a long time.

Lemony Flutter is a little more pricey at $16.95, but worth the price because I've had mine for nearly a year and I'm not even halfway through it. Bad thing about Lush products is they do expire. I've read about how this can start to have a funky smell after the expiration date. I usually use this when I'm swatching, otherwise maybe once or twice a day if I'm not using Sunny's.

Sunny's Cuticle Oil is my go to oil. Just like the miracle balm, it comes in soo many different scents. Mine is Stargazer Lily, my favorite flower. I love this oil because it has a roller ball, which makes it easy for rubbing on my cuticles.  I typically only use this when I'm pushing my cuticles back, so maybe once or twice a week. This oil goes a LONG way, you only need a tiny dab.
Sugar Scrubs
smart spa sweet citrus sugar scrub
Qtica Smart Spa Sweet Citrus Sugar Scrub is something I got for ordering a certain amount on I had been wanting to get a sugar scrub for months, so this was perfect. A small dab goes a long way! It makes my hands feel so smooth and silky. I'll typically use this after I have a swatchathon. The brown sugar scrub is something my Secret Nail Santa in a Facebook group made for me.
Hand Lotion
hand care featuring curel and vaseline
Hand lotion is a must, especially in the winter. I made sure to get something that would also benefit my nails and cuticles. I use the Vaseline one once during the day (if I can remember), and I use Curel every night before bed. My hands are usually dry and gross during the winter, but not this year!

What is your go to cuticle product?

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