Born Pretty Store Colorful Grid Water Decals

Hi guys! Quick post from me today featuring THESE cute water decals from Born Pretty Store. I originally wanted the cute pink ones but they were sold out, SUPER SAD FACE. 

Blue - Turtle Tootsie Polishes Holster Sniffer
Black - Fangirl Polish Wyldstyle

Cut your decal out, remove the clear film. Dip image into water for 20 seconds or until you can easily slide the image off paper. Apply onto dry nails. Simple and easy! I never get tired of using water decals!
You can pick these up for yourself HERE for $3.11 USD, they come in all kinds of cute designs and colors. Be sure to use my code AMABK31, or click on the banner below to get these decals!

 photo bpscode_zpsmdqchb2m.jpg

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