Lady Queen Dog Decals

Hi guys! I'm going to try my hardest today to not turn this into a post about my 2 Boston Terrier fur babies, but no promises! These decals from Lady Queen were so perfect, and I had to have them!

This meme pretty much sums up owning a BT!

I started with a base of Bad Bitch Polish Coffee Cake. I wanted to use a neutral color to make sure the black and white decals don't get lost! The decals were easy to use, cut them out, dip em in water, peel them off the paper, and place on your nail. I attempted to freehand some paw prints, which came up craptacular. Thankfully I took pics of the mani before I ruined it with my sad attempt at freehand. 
I used one small BT decal and one large to represent my Bostons. Luna, my 2 year old, is much much bigger than Bowser, my 3 year old. I can't help it, I gotta spam you with dog pics now.
Bowser LOVES the snow.
He is NOT impressed.
Luna is indifferent to the snow.
Yes, I do have a hard time saying no to that pitiful face.
Neither of them would pass as "breed standard" in the stuck up dog world. Bowser has a white face and a tail, and Luna's ears won't stand up and she has a nubby tail. They're not 'perfect', but they're my babies!

If you'd like to pick these up for yourself you can do so HERE for $0.99 and be sure to use my code AULC15 to get 15% off your order!

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