Literary Lacquers Tonight's Adventure

Tonight's Adventure is a polish designed by Debbie Wolf DeMars for her sweet friend who is suffering with OCD. Literary Lacquers is donating $5 from each bottle sold to the International OCD Foundation. A beautiful pink polish AND a good cause? What's not to love?

Debbie Wolf DeMars:

"Imagine you have this amazing friend. She’s super smart, the kind of smart that would be intimidating if she weren’t so down to earth and nice. So instead of feeling inferior you learn from her. The kind of friend who pushes you to be a better person, and pushes you to question what you know and what you stand for. Imagine she has a wicked sense of humor. When you are together you laugh deep in your belly and your eyes tear. She’s caring and genuine and you know if you needed anything she would be there for you. Now imagine she has a teenage daughter and that daughter has all the amazing qualities of her mother. She’s spunky, smart and incredibly sweet. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? And it is! Except that this amazing young woman, in addition to being brilliantly gifted and wickedly funny, also lives with mental illness. Her name is Sage. She is strong and brave but the road is hard and there are many bumps (hospitalizations) along the way. It is a constant fight. As their friend you feel helpless. You feel their pain so deeply it hurts but you are at a loss as to how to help. This is me and these are my friends. During one such hospital stay, amidst my feelings of helplessness, I had the idea of doing a charity polish in Sage’s honor, to raise money for OCD, one of the mental illnesses from which she suffers. I reached out to Amy with the idea and she was immediately 100% on board. Not only was she on board, she offered to donate a generous $5 per bottle sold to the IOCDF (International OCD Foundation)! Thank you, Amy, for your thoughtfulness and generosity! Being able to do something like this makes me feel like we are helping not only my friends but the countless others out there who are battling OCD. Please consider purchasing a bottle of this special polish in honor of my courageous young friend, Sage."

Tonight's Adventure is a vivid pink-orange holographic polish with orange and copper shimmer. Shown below is 2 flawless coats with a glossy top coat.
I too suffer from OCD, anxiety, and depression. When I was a child I would wash my hands until they were raw. I'd want to take 4 or 5 baths a day. I had weird "quirks" that were just shrugged off as being a strange child. But looking back, I was obviously suffering from OCD.
As I grew older things only got worse. In high school I'd be so depressed I didn't feel like getting out of bed. My body would ache, my mind raced, I constantly felt like I had a cloud over my head. I missed a LOT of school, how I graduated high school with decent grades is beyond me.
My OCD/anxiety peaked at age 19 because of something that happened to me and I finally saw a therapist. She told me I'd nearly had a nervous the point that I was almost hospitalized. I was medicated, seeing a therapist, and my life was looking better.
I sunk back into depression a few years ago and broke down at my family doctor for an unrelated appointment and she immediately put me on medication. I'm not ashamed to admit that I need medication to help me. I know there's a stigma around mental illness and medications, and I don't care. Until you've been through it, and I mean REALLY been through it, you have NO idea. When I see people joke that "omg I'm soooOOoOoo OCD" I want to punch them. Hard. It's not funny and it's not something to joke about. It's DEBILITATING.

To Sage, if you read this..I know what you're going through. I won't say the cliche "it gets better" but I will say some days will be brighter than others. Some days are going to really fn suck. You can kick mental illnesses ass and do something great with your life! Don't let it hold you back. YOU GOT THIS.

If you'd like to purchase this limited edition polish you can do so HERE for $13. Remember, $5 of that goes to the IOCDF!

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