Jior Couture Crystal Nail Gems Part III (partial)

Hello lovelies! I've reviewed photochromic polishes twice before, and I'm here to show you a couple more! This time from Jior Couture, who is releasing part 3 of their crystal nail gems collections. This collection consists of 4 microglitter photochromic, 2 shimmer photochromic, and 1 flakie photochromic. I'm going to share 2 of the microglitter ones with you today!

Description: A light blue microglitter in shade to dark blue in sunlight
Application & Formula: Formula is sheer, dries very fast and kinda matte. Application was smooth and easy. The last pic a fly landed on my fingers while I was outside! The little sucker didn't wanna move either. 
Opacity: 3 coats
Description: A light yellow microglitter in shade to a darker yellow in sunlight
Application & Formula: Formula is very sheer. It's so sheer I could barely see where I applied the first coat. I definitely prefer this one outdoors.
Opacity: 3 coats

These along with 5 others will release on July 8th!

Jior Couture Links: Store - Instagram - Facebook

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