Holy Shift Thermal Box Swatch & Review

I'm gonna start this off by getting my excitement about this new box out of the way. EEEEEEEE!!!!! I adore thermals! A thermal was actually my very first indie! They definitely don't get enough love in the indie world because of "shelf life" which honestly, I've never had a problem with. That first indie? Still shifting 2.5 years later. This box was the idea of Melissa from My Lacquer Cabinet and she hand picked the first 4 indies for the box. Soo many swatches after the jump..

Description: A blue leaning purple that shifts to a peachy nude when warm. Loaded with violet red to orange chroma shimmer and rose gold crystal flakes and a touch of linear holo.
Application & Formula: Fantastic formula and flawless application. When I say flawless, I mean it basically applied itself. Zero issues, and the transition is beautiful! I don't usually care for peachy nudes but it ends up looking more bronzy, so stunning! 
Opacity: 2 coats
Description: A warm, rich plummy purple when cool and shifts to magenta when pink when warm. Enhanced with blue sparkle and copper shimmer.
Application & Formula: Fantastic formula, easy and smooth application. Another one that basically applied itself. The shift in this one are two of my favorite colors so that made me super giddy! Shifts easily.
Opacity: 2 coats
Description: A deep teal green that transitions to a bright blue when warm. Filled with royal purple/lavender and pink shifty shimmers.
Application & Formula: Flawless formula and application. Although the shift in this one isn't as BAMINYOURFACE as the other three, I love how subtle it is. The shimmer in it brings it to a whole 'nother level. Beautiful!
Opacity: 3 thin coats (shown) possibly can be pulled off with 2 thick coats
Description: A black when cool, light grey when warm with bronze/red shimmer and multi colored flakes.
Application & Formula: Great formula and easy application. I consider this one to shift to a more dusty brown than a light grey. The black looks chocolatey purple (is that a thing? lol) to me as well. I adore the bronze flakes in this one!
Opacity: 2 coats

Price & Availability: Pre-order will be October 28th - October 31st, or whenever the cap is reached. Whichever comes first.  Click here to order for $39.95.

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