Bad Bitch Polish April Birthstone Duo

Any April babies? You all have the beautiful diamond as your birthstone! BBP has created a stunning duo to represent April's birthstone, check em out!

Description: A black jelly packed full of black holo & black opal glitter.
Application & Formula: Great formula and smooth application. Jellies are usually hard to build but this was easily opaque with thicker coats.
Opacity: 2 coats
Price: $10
Description: A pearly white with a small linear holo effect.
Application & Formula: Good formula and easy application. First coat is very sheer but builds up nicely. Has a nice subtle holo flash.
Opacity: 3 coats
Price: $10

Price & Availability: Available March 31st. $10 a piece or $19 for the duo.

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Is your birthday in April?

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