Literary Lacquers March 2017 Pop Up Shop

Remember in my last post when I said the depression bug had hit me? Well, after my post on Friday I had a doctors appointment and I found out I have hypothyroidism. It explains SO many of the symptoms I've been suffering from lately. It sucks, but I'm glad I've found some answers. On to happier things! Literary Lacquers March pop up features one new polish as well as some returning favorites. Let's check out the new one first, after the jump.

Description: A champagne rose gold almost metallic holo with glass flakies. Inspired by the love potion in Harry Potter, and designed with Rachel McNulty for her geeky wedding.
Application & Formula: Perfect formula. Easy and smooth application. No issues to report.
Opacity: 2 coats
Description: A black matte base packed with gold and green glitter of varying sizes.
Application & Formula: Good formula, glitters don't drag. Note: I didn't know this was a matte until after I swatched, so my pics show it with top coat.
Opacity: 3 coats
Description: Liquid gold flakies and glass flecks. Based on Harry Potter.
Application & Formula: Good formula, slightly on the thicker side, but easily workable. 
Opacity: 2 coats
Description: Deep shimmery blue, with small gold squares, black hexes, and holographic gold hexes
Application & Formula: Glitters have tendency to drag, so don't overwork it. You may be better off sponging this one on, because it's a glitter bomb.
Opacity: 3 coats
Description: Silver linear mega glitter holo. Based on Lord of the Rings.
Application & Formula: Fantastic formula, easy and smooth application. You may need 3 coats for full coverage if you paint with a light hand. Reminds me of Mirrorball!
Opacity: 2 coats
Description: A lilac linear holo with glass flecks and flakies. Based on Terry Pratchett Discworld series, formerly called Octarine.
Application & Formula: Fantastic formula, easy and smooth application. No issues.
Opacity: 2 coats

Availability: Friday, March 3, 8pm MST to Sunday, March 5, midnight MST. Amy has no current plans to stock the new shades again after this pop up.

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