GlitterDaze September Daze of the Month - Invisibility Cloak

Hey everyone! Sorry for getting the DOTM up so late this month. This months is totally different and was a big surprise for me. When I got it, it was a light color. I thought "oh, that's pretty!" then when I went to swatch last night, it was a dark color. I thought I was crazy and never saw it the light color to begin with. Starting applying it and I was like "oh DUH, it's a thermal" lol.
Invisibility Cloak is a linear holo thermal with lots of shifty glitter. In it's cold state, it's a sparkly dark gunmetal gray, it's it's warmer state it's a light silvery gray. I adore thermals and this one is no exception. I find with thermals, the transition isn't very noticeable unless you have longer nails with free edge. I wore a thermal last week and my swatch hand was beautiful, it looked like a gradient. However, my poor cindy hand (with short, broken nails) stayed one shade or the other, never both shades at the same time. So for me to love a thermal, I have to love both colors that it will change to, and I loved this one! Formula and application were great, transition was easy. My swatches show 3 coats with top coat.

I have nothing to show for the free gift this month because it's a ferrero rocher chocolate that didn't make the trip. It's been unseasonably warm this September in Kentucky, and I think it was 90 degrees the day my DOTM package came, and I didn't check the mail until late afternoon. By that time, it had melted and was squished, I was so sad because I loooove ferrero rocher :(

This years theme: The Witchcraft and Wizardry Collection

What's included: 
One LIMITED EDITION nail polish
One extra gift
Shipping included (US only)

$15. Money is taken out of your paypal account every month. Cancel at any time!

Misc info:

Monthly cut-off date is the 2nd of the month. For example, if you subscribe on 8/2 you are eligible for August's box which will be mailed out approximately 8/15. If you subscribe on or after 8/3, your payment will go toward September's box.

Don't want to commit to a box every month?:
Also offered is the option to purchase single month boxes. Available until the end of each month, or while supplies last. 

This polish is only available until the end of September! 

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