Frozen Water Designs Misc. Swatches

Hey everyone! If you like to scour Etsy like I do, you know there's quite a few 'undiscovered' indie nail polishes! Frozen Water Designs is one of those. Along with nail polish she makes soaps, wax, bath fizzies..basically something for everyone! I was sent 4 polishes to share with y'all, so let's get to it.

Dark Matter
A dark grey/leaning black holo.
Be sure to not overwork the polish, or you will be left with streaks.
2 coats / $8
An electric grey holo metallic.
Application on this one was a bit difficult. No matter what I did, I was left with streaks. There was also unmixed pigments in the polish, but I was told this is an "older" formula so future purchases won't be affected.
2 coats / $3
A burgandy holo glitter polish.
Formula was slightly thicker than I like, could benefit from some thinner.
2 coats / $8
A bright blue glitter bomb polish.
Formula is good, application could benefit from dabbing on. I was able to brush on with no issues, but I paint with a heavy hand. Peel off base coat is a must!
2 coats / $8
 All of these are available now on Frozen Water Designs!

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