May PPU: BlackLace Cosmetics Fall From Grace

I am soo excited that May's Polish Pickup theme is 90's! I love all things 90's, especially the music. You will find so many 90's playlists on my phone, rock being my favorite, which is what BLC's polish is inspired by.

KoRn was one of all time favorite bands when I was an angsty teenager. To say I was obsessed is an understatement. My wardrobe in middle/part of high school was typically baggy jeans and a band T-shirt, usually KoRn. I got a bass guitar for Christmas one year with the intent of learning KoRn songs, and my friend Ashley and I created a 'band' called The Shrubs. We had a special section in high school in the corner of the gym where we all hung out nicknamed "The KoRner." I was convinced I was going to marry the guitarist, Munky. My walls in my bedroom were wall to wall posters of them. And I still listen to the album Fall From Grace is inspired by..Follow the Leader.
This album was the soundtrack to my LIFE at 14. I'm pretty sure I drove my mom and grandma friggin bonkers blasting the album every day after school. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd dig out old photo albums and show you pics of me rocking my KoRn shirts and posters lol. Ok, I've rambled enough, I apologize. KoRn just meant a lot to me growing up and I have so many memories!

Fall From Grace
-A grungy greyish brown taupe with a hint of shimmer.
-Could pull off in 1 coat, I did 2 coats for pics.
-Good formula. Don't overwork the polish when applying or it could get streaky.
-Cap: 75
-Price: $11.50
Available only on May 4th - May 7th!

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