Moonflower Polish Gemstones Collection Pt. 1

Happy Friday guys! Man, have I had a busy week. I was in Nashville Sunday & Monday to see a special 20th anniversary of Dizzy up the Girl by Goo Goo Dolls. I've seen them 3 other times but this was by far the best show and the best venue yet! Wednesday I went to see A Star Is Born with my queen Lady Gaga. I won't spoil it for anyone, but it is seriously one of the most amazing movies I've seen this year. ANYWAYS!!! Nadia from Moonflower Polish is releasing a set of 5 stamping polishes today and they're only available for pre order this weekend, so if you want them, better get em fast!

This collection is named after a precious of semi precious stone, and was inspired by the success of Moonflower's success of Enchanted Rose from August's PPU. These are designed for optimal stamping over black and darker colors, but can be used over any color. They're very pigmented and full of spectraflair..which is a pain to get off around my cuticles so you may see some specs of flair in my pics, sorry! I'll let this pic show you how amazing these stamped, I had ZERO issues picking images up, I was simply amazed because I typically want to flip tables when I stamp, but Moonflower makes stamping a breeze.
Products used: 
Uber Chic plates collection 11, plates 1-3.
Cuticula base & top coat
Cuticula liquid latex
Sinfulcolors Black on black

Aguamarina (Aquamarine)
Amatista (Amethyst)
Diamante (Diamond)
 Obsidiana (Obsidian)
Oro (gold)
You can purchase these Oct 12th - Oct 14th at 11:59pm eastern on for $14 full size, or $8 mini size!

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